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Question: Swamiji, though we engage in spiritual practices every day, sometimes we are swept away by our vasanas (latent tendencies) and it takes a while before we get back to our spiritual routine. What is the way out of this?

Answer: Our vasanas are always present in our daily lives. We might think that we are only swept away by our vasanas occasionally. However, we run behind these vasanas constantly.
Vasanas are the latent tendencies of the mind. The mind manifests in different ways: as a single thought, as a memory, as intellect, and as emotions. Vasanas are expressed through these faculties of the mind.

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Protecting Mother Nature
Through Action, Education and Awareness

"The never-ending stream of love that flows from a true believer towards the entire creation will have a gentle, soothing effect on nature. Our love is the best protection of nature." - Amma

Amma asks each of us to take more responsibility for serving nature.  Within the parameters of Amma’s green initiatives, what are you doing to make positive changes in your own life? 

Caring for Mother Nature - Clara, Vancouver, BC
It's become habitual for me now to be mindful of how I use things and resources. But pure pleasure comes from the conference of tiny birds at my bird feeders. I make my own bird meal from buns and peanut butter. Following Amma's advice that we should grow some of our food, I've put my energy into growing herbs and greens which go into my cooking every day. And as often as possible, I create opportunities to talk to my 2 small grand children about caring for Mother Nature. 

Importance of Trees - Diya and Richard, Seal Rock, OR
Amma always talks about the importance of trees in the mitigation of climate change and encourages us to plant them. This year, we decided to heed Amma’s request and purchase a potted sapling from our local nursery, a Wilma Goldcrest Cypress to be exact! After the holiday, we will plant our little cypress and enjoy it for years to come knowing future generations and other species will benefit from it as well!


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Laughter is the Best Medicine
Did you hear about the parsley farmer that
was involved in a lawsuit?
He lost, and they had to garnish his wages!

Surabhi, Port Angeles, WA


“Constant remembrance of God, irrespective of time and place is real devotion."

- Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

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