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Amma's PNW Virtual Events Portal
Amma in the Pacific Northwest
Given most in-person events are still on hold, Amma and her disciples have rallied to provide many "virtual" events and gatherings to help keep us connected while remaining safely socially distant. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these offerings so you can enjoy Amma's community here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Feel free to share this page with your friends, family and on social media using this link:

Amma's Portals
Amma's main web site.
Portal for Amma's charities.
Amma's main ashram's website and great source of information.
Amma's Facebook page.

Amma's Twitter feed.
Updates on Amma's initiatives.
Amma's Youth for Unity, Diversity and Humanity.

IAM® Meditation Technique
Information about IAM®, including upcoming virtual meditation courses.

Local Portals
PNW Region Calendar   (List View)
Calendar of events happening in Amma's Pacific Northwest Region.
Amma's Pacific Northwest Facebook page.

Regional Email Archive
Archive of informative emails sent to the PNW region.

Seattle Satsang
Seattle Satsang Main Page.

Video and Streaming Channels
Amma's Weekly Live Stream. Usually, Saturdays 4:30am - 8:30am PT, but subject to change. Features meditation, satsang and bhajans.

amritaworld YouTube Channel
The official video channel for Amma-related videos.

Amma Disciples YouTube Channel
Features talks from Amma's senior disciples.

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi YouTube Channel
Features Amma videos.

Classic Amma Videos
Vancouver, BC satsang is continuing to host viewings of "classic" Amma videos on Zoom. Click the link above for showing details.

Most of the major paid music services offer Amma's music as well, including:

Virtual Classes
Amrita Virtual Academy
Offering music, gardening, art, cooking and language classes.

Amrita Virtual Silent Retreats
Amrita Silent Retreats Online.

Amrita Virtual Yoga
Amrita Yoga offers a holistic approach, focused on Awareness with heart-centered intention and aims to transcend the physical asana practice.

IAM Meditation - U.S. and Canada
The IAM® - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique.

IAM Meditation - Pacific Northwest (BC, WA, OR)
Contact Kumuda for info on IAM classes and guided sessions in the PNW.

Online Astrology Consultations
With Amma's blessings, Astrology consultations are now available online, by volunteer astrologers who have traveled with Amma for many years offering consultations to clients from varied backgrounds and countries. Proceeds support Amma’s humanitarian activities worldwide.

Virtual Class with Sw. Dayamritananda Puri
Every Tuesday from 5:00-6:30 pm, Swamiji will be discussing the Srimad Bhagavatam scripture by Bhagwan Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas. The format for the class will be spiritual discourse and question & answer, followed by one or two bhajans and ending with a short meditation and Arati.

Amma's Free Mobile App
This has audio & words for the 108 and 1000 names as well as many other chants. It links to Amma's website, twitter and Facebook accounts.
This app has the words, musical scores, the bhajan book and page # and even recordings of some bhajans. The app costs $9.99 a year.

Email Amma
Send Amma an email message.

Virtual Communities in North America
MA Center San Ramon, CA

MA Center Los Angeles, CA

Amma Center of New Mexico

MA Center Chicago, IL (MACC)

MA Center Michigan

MA Center Dallas, TX

MA Center, New York

Amma Toronto, ON

Amma Quebec

For other groups, please contact the individual satsang or MA Center.
Click here for more details

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~~~ Aum Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu ~~~