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Guru Purnima - Tuesday, July 16, 2019
The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad (July-August) is observed as the auspicious day of Guru Purnima. On this day devotees remember and express their gratitude to the Guru.
Amma's Gurupurnima message from 2018
Guru Purnima is a reminder to find our purnatvam—our fullness—within. Looking through the small windows of our mind, we come to wrong conclusions about ourselves and the world. The guru is the most noble and trusted friend who awakens us to the reality that, "I am not this small entity (body, mind and the intellect); I am the infinite, as pervasive as the sky. I am fullness itself."    Continue reading here...
Maltby Garden Slide Show
In 2015 a team of devotees plotted out and planned an area to provide flowers and food for the various regional events. Over the next few years, compost was created, plants were cultivated and grown. Today the flowers are used for pujas and the veggies are often used for the satsang meals. Enjoy this view of the garden in its fourth year. Any questions about how to plan and create your own garden may be sent to Tirtha McCrary at
Watch The Slide Show >>>
Amma's PNW Program 2019
Lost and Found -- Last Call
Lost and Found
This is last reminder to claim any items lost during Amma's 2019 Pacific Northwest Program in Bellevue last month. Please carefully review the detailed images here and/or forward to friends and family who may have left something behind.
To claim an item or for general questions regarding the lost and found, please contact
Amma's 2019 Summer Tour
Amma's North America Summer Tour continues and concludes in Toronto. Visit for more information.
"God is like infinite sunlight. However, we will not be able to kindle our kitchen fire with this. The guru's companionship is the matchstick needed to kindle this fire in the disciple. The guru's presence will enable us to grow in a practical way."
- Amma

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