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Amma's Summer Tour 2019
Amma will be visiting 11 cities in North America this year starting on June 6th, 2019. Public programs are free and all are welcome to bask in Amma's warm embrace. Visit for more information.

Bringing Flowers To Amma's Program?
Every year at Amma's programs, we receive flowers from the homes of devotees and this year we would like to request the following if where possible:
  • If you have cultivated cut flowers for the bouquets offered to Amma, please bring them to the program! We would greatly appreciate this, and it is wonderful to see your flowers being offered to our Beloved Amma.
  • Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Mint or Tulasi are a preferred in the bouquets. Sometimes Amma will stop darshan to smell these flowers.

If you have them in your garden, please bring them to the Welcome Desk for use in this year's program.
Note: Please do not bring flowers to the tables at the entrance to the darshan lines.
Discounted Hotel Option For Amma's PNW Program
Red Lion Hotel Bellevue is pleased to offer a special Amma rate of $139/night when booking 2 or more nights! The Red Lion Hotel Bellevue is a comfortable 8 block walk from the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. A courtesy shuttle is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
To make a reservation at Red Lion Hotel Bellevue:
On The Web: Red Lion Hotel Bellevue
Or By Phone: (425) 455-5240
Mention Group Code "AMMA0605"

For more options near Amma's program in Bellevue, WA - Contact Theresa at for assistance.
Licensed Massage Therapists Needed
Can you volunteer a few hours of chair massage during Amma’s programs? If you are licensed in Washington State, we need you! This is a wonderful way to support fundraising on behalf of Amma’s humanitarian programs "Embracing The World”. Please contact Rajani at for more information.
Calling All Volunteers!
You may not know it, but to host Amma for any of her programs takes an army of volunteers. Volunteers of all shapes, sizes, ages and attitudes are needed! This includes you, your friends, your family, your neighbors and your neighbor’s neighbors – to name a few.
While volunteering during Amma’s program is ALWAYS very much appreciated, committing to a few seva shifts before you arrive really helps make Her program run more smoothly. Please take a moment to view some of the opportunities available by clicking here.
Have You Seen Her?!
Posters Thanks to the devoted hard work of those wanting to get the word of Amma's visit out, people are seeing Her all over town! Have you seen Her? If so, send us your pictures at!
If you need help with poster'ing, please contact Swaaha at
"The guru is like a booster rocket. Caught in many attachments, we are like satellites constantly circling around, caught in the gravitational field of the earth. The booster rocket that is the guru frees us from these bonds."
- Amma

Contact us at You can catch up on missed emails at Amma's PNW Newsletter Archive.
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