Green Friends Tree Campaign Reporting

In honor of Amma's 65th birthday this year, GreenFriends North America would like to offer Amma the gift of trees planted all over North America.
Amma rarely asks for anything at all. But for several years now, she has been asking us to plant trees.
Will you plant one tree (or more) before the new extended date of March 31, 2019, to celebrate Amma's birth?
Amma was not raised in a culture that celebrates birthdays. But to make her children happy, she submits to our desire to celebrate her birth. Yet even on her birthday, Amma doesn't stop giving.
She gives gifts to many people – in the past, she has given clothing to poor people, free weddings to those who couldn't afford to marry, and launched humanitarian projects such as massive building projects and clean-up campaigns. And of course, she gives darshan – to tens of thousands. Many years, on her birthday Amma is on stage for nearly 24 hours.
Fall is a good time to plant trees in most areas. Check out our 'Resources' page for tree-planting information, and ideas on where to plant trees if you don't have land. In recent times, hundreds of thousands of trees all over the world have been lost in devastating forest fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Let's do what we can.
So, before the new extended date of March 31, 2019, please let us know below how many trees you have planted!
Satsangs or groups who are planting trees as a team can also report their total. One person should fill out the form with the group's name. Please add the number of participants in brackets (e.g. "Portland Green Team [6]"). To keep our count accurate, please ensure group members do not fill out the form as individuals for the same trees counted for your group.
Name Satsang or City State/Province Number of Trees Planted

Please use this form again to let us know how many trees you plant by March 31, 2019.
If you have questions, contact