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“The mind is like a pendulum, swinging intermittently between the poles of sorrow and happiness. Real peace and bliss ensues only from the stillness of the mind.” - Amma


Amrita Prayer Walk
for Covid Relief Efforts

Please join us! We need your support!

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This is a fundraising and prayer effort for the covid victims especially in India, where this pandemic has taken a dreadful turn.

Become a prayer walker: A prayer walker is one who pledges to take each step with a divine name on his/her lips that is offered as a prayer for the relief of the covid victims. A prayer walker takes a thousand steps or in multiples of thousand, either by resting in between or at a stretch.

Become a donor:  A donor is one who pledges to donate towards a certain number of steps. This need not be of any particular person. It is more for the number of steps pledged or taken by the prayer walkers. Suggested donation is a dime per step.

More information available at:
Remembering Lalita

Our dearest sister Lalita (Marci Lyon) a long long time Amma devotee has passed on May 4th after a full life and many many years of deep devotion to Amma and active life of serving others to better their life. Until her last breath, despite her body failing Lalita continued to put in action her prayers to better the suffering of others following closely Amma’s guidance onward!

She leaves behind her beautiful Prasad garden in which blooms her prasad apple tree which will be tended by her life-long partner Tom their son Arly and 2 grandchildren.

By the Grace of Beloved Amma may her soul be liberated into the Supreme Pure Light.

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

This is the second email I am sending as the previous one just disappeared…somewhere lost in space, unlike she, as I feel is held by Amma in that vast expanse. As Amma already knows, but felt it was important to convey to all of you should it find its way to anyone whom may have known this devotee…and pray for her and her family.

Lalitha, Marci Lyons, a long time devotee from Canada was with Amma in the early days, trekking from a small, utterly beautiful island off of Vancouver to retreats and programs in Washington, California, New Mexico, and when possible, concentrated times with Amma in Amritapuri. Mark and I were fortunate to have her stay at our abode during programs in Santa Fe. She always joyfully dove into Seva, bringing with her playfulness and open heartedness. Truly a bright light.  

Lalitha played harmonium and sung beautiful, we discovered this when visiting her on the island, just off of Vancouver. She shared she sang alone, calling from her heart to Amma, since there was no satsang in which to share. She, her wonderful husband, and son were long time homesteaders on this magical island, in which they grew abundant organic foods in raised beds rich with earth and ocean seaweed, mingled with spectacular flowers, surrounded by numerous fruit trees and berries. As a hospice provider, I imagine she touched many with her natural warmth, deep tenderness, and wide compassion.

I know she is in Amma’s Arms. We however, are left with empty arms but hearts full of the holding a life shared as Amma’s children, Devi’s family. A connection that is based on being with Amma in which relationships are deep and profound.

Death comes suddenly leaving us grateful for Amma’s guidance to be aware in every moment, to perhaps live life as Lalitha has, as dharmically and devoted as possible, for the good of all beings, in harmony with the Earth Mother, and guided and protected by our Universal Mother.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanthi
With love, Bhuvana and Vishwan

Amrita Yoga and IAM Taught In Indian Prisons

In collaboration with state and local governments India, our volunteers have traveled to prisons and jails across India to teach thousands of inmates Amrita Yoga and Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM). Many prisoners are moved at this chance to concretely experience peace of mind. 

Click here to read the experiences of our teachers.


NEW IAM Courses – May 2021
2-Day IAM®-35 Course

The 8-hour IAM Course is offered for those deeply interested in spiritual practice. This is the IAM Course that has been offered at Amma’s retreats for the past 15 years. 

Saturday May 22, 10am - 12pm AND 2pm- 4pm PDT 
Sunday May 23, 10am - 12pm AND 2pm- 4pm PDT
(Must attend all 4 sessions to complete the Course)

To register please contact: Kumuda Kali.

IAM®-35 Refresher

Sunday May 23, 2pm - 4pm PDT

For IAM-35 graduates only.

To register please contact: Kumuda Kali.

If you have gotten irregular with your IAM practice or just want to strengthen it, then the  Refresher Course is for you!  At the Refresher you can ask questions, clarify and deepen your understanding of the technique, and be guided through the steps of practice.  Many who have attended Refresher Courses have found that they gained a great intellectual and experiential boost to their IAM practice.

To find more IAM Course dates and Guided practice sessions visit:


They go way back - this 90-year-old man has been coming to see Amma every year during her visit to Pune... for the last 30 years. This time, he wanted a photo. (March 20, 2015.) #BharataYatra2015

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Classic Amma Videos

Amma Vintage Videos continue on Tuesdays at 1:00 PST.  The website was just updated for the schedule and description of videos to the end of May.


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