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Happy May Day!
Peace And Love To All!


"If the future is to be a beautiful, fragrant, fully blossomed flower, women and men must join hands in all spheres. Those who desire peace and contentment must pay heed to this, right now, in this very moment. For the sake of a promising future, the hearts and minds of women and men need to become one." - Amma

Flowers of Peace Around The PNW!
Inspired By Our Beloved Amma

“Keep the child within alive. A child never tires of hearing the birds sing,
never gets bored looking at flowers.” - Amma


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Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May All Beings Everywhere Be In Peace

Protecting Mother Nature
Through Action, Education and Awareness

“Just as a seedling can only emerge when the outer shell of the seed breaks open, so too the Self unfolds when the ego breaks open and disappears.” - Amma

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Whatever work we are doing, ng, our mind should be centered on God. This is easily possible through practice. Amma f/MataAmritanandamayi'

Amma asks each of us to take more responsibility for serving nature.  Within the parameters of Amma’s green initiatives, amma.org/global-charities/green-initiatives, what are you doing to make positive changes in your own life?


Protecting Old-Growth Forests Through Direct ActionTirtha G., Vancouver Island

Amma asked us to protect forests. British Columbia's old-growth forests will be gone in just a few years. So I joined a non-violent, direct-action group that is working to protect old-growth forests.

Huge, healthy trees as much as 1000 years old are being cut down. Yet keeping the mature forests is humanity's best hope for climate mitigation.  I hope we are able to protect the forests long enough that the BC government will choose to do what they promised.  This would mean that protecting ecosystems and biodiversity would become a priority.

Besides that, I am growing some native seeds for pollinators. This is part of a local program where individuals are given the seeds and once they've grown, we are asked to give at least half back to the coordinator, who will plant them in local parks. There are huge areas in the city where there is no food for pollinators.  Bees and other pollinators have to survive many threats, and populations have greatly reduced. And in early spring, there is not so much for them to eat. We need pollinators, so it is wise to offer them something to eat!


Hiking To Heal: Nature Programs For ChildrenHaley R., Maltby, WA

Amma's teachings about our relationship to each other and the planet have shaped the trajectory of my life in many ways.  I have worked in the environmental education field for over a decade now, teaching kids about the environment, science and ecosystems, human interactions with nature, and more.  After learning so much about the various methods of teaching, I have decided to pursue my own path by starting my own business! 

Nature has always been a place of surrender, peace, and recovery for me.  I definitely 'hike to heal' and want to encourage others to do so as well.  I will be creating a program for middle school girls and non-binary/gender non-conforming students with multiple prep sessions (team building, first aid, map and compass skills, backpacking intro, etc) followed by a multi-night backpacking trip. I am excited to take this step towards serving Amma more purposefully and will be doing my first trip with one of the kids I nanny, who some of you may have met at Bellevue programs in 2019!

Follow along at www.instagram.com/trailmixtrips.

"If we approach nature with love it will serve us as our best friend." - Amma



Transforming Lawn into Edible Landscaping - Mahendra & Michelle, Ashland, OR

We have spent the past few years changing a grass yard into an edible landscape.  The deer fences are covered in a variety of edible vines from berries and grapes to beans and hops. The yard is filled with a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and flowers.  In this small way we are able to be close to nature, grow organic produce, save the seeds and share it all with friends, family, fairies and the food bank.


NEW IAM Courses – May 2021

IAM®-35 Course

2-Day IAM-35 Course

The 8-hour IAM Course is offered for those deeply interested in spiritual practice. This is the IAM Course that has been offered at Amma’s retreats for the past 15 years. 

Saturday May 22, 10am - 12pm AND 2pm- 4pm PDT 
Sunday May 23, 10am - 12pm AND 2pm- 4pm PDT

(Must attend all 4 sessions to complete the Course)

To register please contact: Kumuda Kali.

IAM®-20 Course

Sunday May 16, 9:30am - 1pm PDT

To register please contact: Sreemayi.

To find more IAM Course dates and Guided practice sessions visit:

Classic Amma Videos

Amma Vintage Videos continue on Tuesdays at 1:00 PST.  The website was just updated for the schedule and description of videos to the end of May.


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