Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
Virtual IAM Meditation Sessions
June 2020
Aum Amriteswaryai Namaha
The PNW IAM Team is providing several options during June at a variety of timings and days. Our aim is to support you getting up and running or back on track with your meditation practice.
People ask, ‘Which Virtual IAM Session is right for me?’ Below are the ABC’s of choosing a session at this time.
Option A: GUIDED
GUIDED IAM sessions are intended for IAM graduates who have already completed the Course and seek support in their practice by meditating in a group. The steps of the technique are verbally guided and there is an opportunity for extended silent meditation together.
If you have gotten inconsistent in your IAM practice, cannot remember all the steps or have questions, then a REFRESHER IAM session is for you. It starts with a guided practice and is followed by time for questions or reviewing handouts and practice tips.
If you can’t remember much of the technique or it has been a long time since you practiced or took the class, it’s best to just retake the Full IAM Course. If you are new to IAM, this is your option, too. Amma has given us two versions of the technique: IAM-20 (a 3hr class) and IAM-35 (an 8 hr class). Consider the descriptions below and choose according to your preferences.
All sessions will be presented via Zoom. Connect with your computer or use the phone in option. Everyone welcome!
Virtual Offerings
GUIDED IAM Sessions - Weekly June 2020
IAM-20 MONDAYS: 9-10 am (begins June 8th)
IAM-20 THURSDAYS: 8-9 pm (begins June 4th)
IAM-35 WEDNESDAYS: 5:30-6:30 pm (begins June 3rd)
IAM-35 FRIDAYS: 9-10 am (begins June 5th)
IAM-35 SATURDAYS: 8-9 am (begins June 6th)
For IAM-20 and IAM-35 graduates only.
To Register, contact Kumuda:
Full IAM Courses - June 2020
Virtual IAM® 20 - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique
3 hour Course
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a powerful meditation technique created by Amma. The IAM® 20 Meditation is a unique integration of gentle yogic stretches with an effective and easy to practice sitting meditation. It can be comfortably performed by anyone in just 20 minutes per day.
When: Wednesday and Thursday June 24 & 25, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Both days must be attended to complete the Course
Where: Your Home! Connect with Zoom.
To Register, contact Kumuda:
Virtual IAM® 35 - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique
8 hour Course
The IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® is a powerful tool for our spiritual growth. Amma has said that this meditation acts on a very subtle level--eradicating all our negative tendencies, slowly but surely, and gives obvious practical results very fast. She has assured us that if we practice IAM regularly we will see all aspects of our lives improve.
The 8 hour IAM Course is offered for those people who are deeply interested in spiritual practice. This is the IAM Course that has been offered at Amma’s retreats for the past 15 years. The Course includes Amma’s spiritual teachings on meditation and practical guidance for a worry-free life. You will learn a 35 minute practice integrating several modalities focusing on movement, breath, sound and light.
When: TBD late June or early July
Where: Your Home! Connect with Zoom.
You must attend ALL 4 sessions to complete the 8 hour Course.
To Register, contact Kumuda:
“Meditation is as precious as gold. Not a moment devoted to meditation ever goes to waste; rather it brings tenfold gain.” - Amma

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