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During this quarantine, Amma is urging us to strictly follow all the government-provided guidance to stay safe – please continue to do so! To help us all, many of Amma's children are working hard to keep us virtually connected while remaining socially distant. Please feel free to join any (or all!) of these virtual gatherings to keep your spirts up and feel connected.
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The official video channel for Amma-related videos.
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Features talks from Amma's senior disciples.
Regional Virtual Satsang Calendar
Links to many, many virtual satsangs, and more!
Local Virtual Satsangs
Please feel free to participate in any (or all!) of these local satsang events!
Olympic Peninsula (OlyPen) Satsang
- Daily at 8pm: [Independent] Chant "lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu" 9 Times.
- Wednesdays at 9am to Noon – Virtual Silent Meditation
  Contact - Eswar ( to get a Zoom Meeting invitation.
- Saturday or Sunday at 3pm - Virtual Satsang with Archana and Bhajans
  Contact - Eswar ( to get a Zoom Meeting invitation.
Seattle Satsang
- Virtual Satsang every Saturday from 3pm – 6pm
  Click here for more details.
- [Independent] Peace Chanting every Thursday at 7pm
  Click here for more details.
Bend Satsang
- Wednesdays at 8pm in April
  Contact - to get a Zoom Meeting invitation.
North American Satsangs
- San Ramon - Chanting for World Peace – More Details
- MA Center LA - Virtual Satsangs – More Details
- MA Center Chicago - Virtual Satsangs – More Details
- MA Center Santa Fe - Group Chanting (1000 Names of the Divine 3 Times)
  Saturday, April 18th at 2pm Pacific Time (3pm Mountain Time)
  Join the phone conference at (508) 924-5857 (no passcode required)
- AYUDH Americas (Amma's Youth Group) Virtual Chanting for Peace - More Details
Amma on the Internet
Swami Dayamritananda Puri recently reminded us to be mindful of misinformation in this confusing time. He advised we get official news from and about Amma from the following sources:
Laksharchana Summary
By Yasas Renn
Saturday, April 11, the Seattle Satsang hosted a virtual "Laksharchana" program joined by over 100 devotees including many from all around the PNW region. The program included three times chanting of the 1000 names of the Divine Mother, considered an especially powerful form of prayer for World Peace. Many people expressed how uplifting and unifying it felt to be connected altogether in this prayer.
Amma has said that, "although we may all be like little candles, when we come together to pray for the peace and welfare of all beings, our light can illumine the whole world." She has also said, "group chanting and prayer is very powerful. It can change anything. The lost harmony of the human mind can be restored only through a selfless attitude supported by prayer, meditation and chanting of mantras."
In life as well, we only have two options. The first is to put in the effort. The second is to accept. We cannot change everything in the world. Many things are beyond our control. ... This is why the only practical way is to face the [coronavirus] situation with the attitude of acceptance.
- Amma

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