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Amma's 2020 Summer Tour Postponed
A Message from Sw. Dayamritananda Puri

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namaha,
As the Corona virus weaves the future right before our eyes, hopes for Amma’s Summer Tour are fading faster and faster every day. Now it seems to be an impossibility to conduct it as per the usual schedule, so I am indeed very sad and sorry to inform all of you that we will need to postpone the tour!
We will continue to assess the situation and inform you when we have more information.
IMPORTANT - Amma's official messages regarding the current state of the world have been posted on the official Ashram channels. Please only share these messages. Please do not pass on any other messages that do not come from these channels.
Aum Namah Shivaya
Sw. Dayamritananda Puri
A Message from Amma
During this time, when the entire world is reeling in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, let each of us come together to light the lamp of hope, compassion and unity. The virus is filling us internally and externally with the poison of fear and anxiety. To destroy it, we have to ignite our inner flame, our inner light. Let us light the lamp of new life, the light of goodness, the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Let us eliminate this poison with the panacea of right action and right thinking at the right time.
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Chanting for World Peace
Seattle satsang invites everyone to join them virtually on Saturday, April 11th at 2:30pm for a special "Laksharchana" - chanting the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother (Sri Lalita Sahasranama) three times in dedication to world peace. We want to have as many people as possible join to amplify the power of this collective prayer. Please invite your friends from near and far!
When: Saturday April 11th, 2:30 pm
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Where: Virtual Satsang
Conference Number: 209-399-9845 (no code required)

Full Schedule
2:30 pm - 108 names of Amma
2:45 pm - 1000 names of the Divine Mother
5 mins silent meditation
3:35 pm - 1000 names of the Divine Mother
5 mins silent meditation
4:25 pm - 1000 names of the Divine Mother
White Flower Meditation
5:30 pm - Arati & Closing Prayers

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