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Amma's disciples will be leading LIVE virtual satsang programs in the coming weeks. This is a rare and unique opportunity for all of us, across the world, to come together in these challenging and isolating times. The timing was chosen by the disciples' to make it convenient for as many of our global community as possible. The times specified are North America time zones.
Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya's Satsang
Updated timing :
Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya's Satsang program scheduled for Saturday, March 28 will now be at 9:30 am Pacific/12:30 pm Eastern.
Go to this link
Click on the video labeled 'LIVE' in red to join the event.
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Other Virtual Satsang programs coming up
The links will be live when it is time to start the satsang program.
Sw. Dayamritananda Puri
Wednesday, April 1
9:30 am Pacific/12:30 pm Eastern
Sw. Shubhamritananda Puri
Sunday, April 5
9:30 am Pacific/12:30 pm Eastern
Sw. Shantamritananda Puri
Wednesday, April 8
9:30 am Pacific/12:30 pm Eastern
Subscribing to the disciples' channels will help them with the setup of future LIVE satsangs. More subscriptions mean more web cast capabilities. Replay is available for all the links.
Message from Amma on the Coronavirus
Amma knows my children are all living in fear of Coronavirus. Amma is thinking of all of you and praying for you. This is a time when you have to exercise extreme caution and alertness. It is the time to respond with courage, self-control and unity. Amma knows that my children are all afraid, but fear is not helpful now. What is needed is caution and alertness. Courage is the primary thing. With courage, you can overcome anything. So, abandon fear and gather courage...
...My children should strictly follow all the instructions and directions given by their government and law-enforcement officials. At the same time, pray intensely, with a melting heart, for God’s grace.
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Darkness cannot remain for long. In due time, dawn will surely break out and shine.
- Amma

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