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Serving Mother Nature
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Serving Mother Nature
There was a PowerPoint show called Serving Mother Nature on the local GreenFriends table during Amma’s recent programs in Bellevue. It is about Seattle Satsang’s Greenbelt Restoration Project. When the GreenFriends group started restoring the land, it had been covered with blackberry, ivy and bindweed vines for 30-50 years. The slide show, through photographs and captions, allows viewers to see the process of transforming dying land into the beginnings of a healthy, thriving forest.
If you didn’t get a chance to view the slide show during the program, and want to see it now, click on this link:!AvQVRVrUXOYP0g-fTwZI4j_3CDoD. It is less than 10 minutes in length.
(When the slide show has loaded, click through the slides on the left side column OR click on “Open in PowerPoint” in the menu bar. If you choose the second option, once the PowerPoint icon shows up on your taskbar click on that. Then click on “Slide Show” followed by “From Beginning.”)
For more information about this GreenFriends project contact Karuna Poole at
Tulasi Plant Sale
A limited number of Tulasi Holy Basil locally available. These plants are lovingly grown and sold during Amma's annual visit.
Throughout the year we receive requests for Tulasi plants for gifts and other auspicious occasions. While supplies last we are able to locally provide Tulasi plants for a $5.00 donation. All proceeds from these sales will benefit Embracing the World the global network of regional humanitarian organizations inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Please note that these plants are available for pick up in the Seattle/Maltby, WA area.
If you wish to have one of these auspicious plants please call us 828-738-2662 (AMMA) or email us
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"When we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God,
we will automatically serve and protect her."
- Amma

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