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Gratitude For A Blessed Week!!
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Dear Amma Friends,
Once again Amma blessed the Pacific Northwest with her presence, love and compassion. Last week we were blessed with 2 days of programs back at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue hotel.
Amma's program could not have happened without your help to organize the event; setup up of the venue; serve Amma, her staff and guests; and of course, clean up. Some of you have been serving Amma this way for many years, for others this was your first time. Some of the work was invisible to everyone, except for the all-knowing Guru. Some of it was blissful and easy, other times it may have been fun and challenging, but together this selfless service - seva - brought us together. This work binds us like beads on a beautiful necklace; creating a golden opportunity for people to be touched by love in these challenging times.
Thank you for entering into this work together to serve Amma and support bringing so many into her loving arms here in the Pacific Northwest. It is such an honor to serve with you in supporting what Amma embodies: love, compassion, service, patience, and humility. We look forward to serving with you again and again!
If you feel inspired to volunteer for any of the local Amma seva programs in your communities you can get information by contacting your closest satsang (Amma-based spiritual community).
Thanks and Jai Ma!
PNW Tour Team (Eswar, Prakash, Rajani, Theresa, Brad, Ken)
Amma's PNW Program 2019
Lost and Found
Lost and Found
The above items were left behind after Amma's PNW program. Please review carefully and/or forward to friends and family who may have left something behind.
To claim an item or for general questions regarding the lost and found, please contact
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Amma Picture Seva
Aum Namah Shivaya,
I have been doing Amma picture cutting seva since about 2007. I cut the Amma pictures from the leftover Amma posters and program guides.
The pictures need to be sent to the Amritapuri ashram for redistribution. I am requesting that devotees travelling to the Amritapuri ashram bring some of the pictures with them, if they are able to. Please contact
Thank you, Donna.
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Amma's 2019 Summer Tour
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"It is pure love and selfless service that sustains this universe."
- Amma

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