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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya

Swamiji talks about spring cleaning our lives to make this season an offering to the Holy Mother who will visit us this summer.
Spring is upon us, and it is time for spring cleaning! Typically this means we review our circumstances, get rid of things we don't need, and try to clean up our environment. But although this external cleansing can be quite beneficial, it does not remove the clutter embedded in our minds. So how do we do a spring cleaning in our minds? That's the real question.
Amma says we must first take stock of our life: What are we doing? Does it make any sense? What do we need to keep doing? What do we need to get rid of? On New Year's this year, Amma talked about some questions we need to ask ourselves, including "Am I being steady in my spiritual discipline and practice?" This is key for spiritual aspirants: discipline and steady practice should be a number one priority.
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Invited Guests for Amma's PNW visit
We have just received guidance from the MA Center to focus our invited guest program on personnel from one of three categories:
a) Elected local officials, such as the Mayor, Senators and Congresspersons, who are in the area where our centers are located as opposed to where the program is held.
b) Officials from NGOs that have made significant impact locally in areas that align with the mission of Embracing The World, such as environment, education, healthcare, and women's empowerment.
c) Officials from corporations known to support philanthropic causes that align with those of Embracing the World.
Uma Malhotra is the PNW Coordinator for the Invited Guests Program. Please email her with your recommendations at as quickly as possible. Also let her know if you have any personal or other connections with the potential guest which may expedite or facilitate the invitation process.
Volunteers Needed: Amma Event Poster Seva
It’s time to put up posters announcing Amma’s PNW programs!
We need your help to get the word out that Amma is coming! Everyone in every community can offer a role in helping towards this effort. Are you able to join this important pre-tour team? Contact Rajani at
Amma PNW Tour Coordinators Needed

Program Coordinators are still needed for Amma’s 2019 programs!
Are you able to help a little more this year by serving before and during Amma’s upcoming programs as a much needed coordinator?

These are special positions that ensure Amma's program runs smoothly and allow people to connect with Amma through their seva. For more details on these, or any seva, please contact Rajani at
Amma Shop Security Co-coordinator (Need 1)
This fun coordinator position supports Amma’s bookstore sales by helping customers understand the system of purchasing items, while being a visible, friendly presence to help deter theft. You will be one of three coordinators in this position. Requires mindful attention and a pleasant demeanor. You will work closely with the Seva Desk to sign up volunteers.
Children’s Program Co-coordinator (Need 1)
Do you love working with children, offering a calm, peaceful, safe and fun place to play? Are you a parent, grandparent or someone who enjoys connecting with children? Consider co-coordinating in children’s room for creative programing, supervising volunteers and supporting families. Due to the nature of this seva, an interview and screening process may be required.
Green Team Co-coordinator (Need 1)
Amma is asking all of us to make a stronger commitment to the environment through awareness, reducing waste, composting, recycling and avoiding plastics. Are you willing to advocate and support Amma’s green initiatives by co-coordinating this effort? Work closely with the hotel and their staff, educate visitors to Amma’s programs through signage and managing recycle/compost/garbage bins.
Massage Coordinator (Need 1)
This position helps recruit massage therapists, locates and brings both massage tables and massage chairs to the Amma programs, and picks them up at the end of programs. This person helps the MA Center National massage team locate supplies and recruit licensed massage therapists.
Seva Desk Co-Coordinator (Need 1)
Help people experience the devotion of service. The Seva Desk recruits volunteers during Amma's programs. Work closely with other program coordinators to sign up needed volunteers for critical shifts. Must be friendly and enjoy working with the public. Support Amma’s desire for all of us to offer selfless service!
Welcome Desk and RSVP Co-coordinator (Need 1)
Do you love talking with people and helping them learn more about Amma’s PNW programs and many satsang groups? Then this fun, interactive position is calling you!
For more details on any of these wonderful opportunities, please contact Rajani at
PNW GreenFriends Newsletter
Read the May 2019 GreenFriends newsletter here.
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"The real source of grace is within you."
- Amma

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