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Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya's Visit
Both Olympic Peninsula and Victoria satsangs were blessed to each have Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya for a half-day retreat.
Swami Dayamrita hosted satsang for the Olympic peninsula at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Port Townsend in the early evening with local devotees and interested public eagerly waiting to see him. Even with late notice of his visit, over 70 people came for his talk and bhajans. Swami gave everyone prasad after arati and served everyone for dinner. It was a sweet evening for all to spend time with him.
The next day Swami hosted the Victoria satsang at Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary. There was only a short time to prepare the event, but all fell into place and we felt confident that we were ready for the influx of devotees arriving. The weather was changeable, as we were moving closer to the event, just before starting the chai and setting up the meal, the power went out and devotees started to arrive as we scrambled to cook the meal in the carport on a camping stove.
The satsang happened in an intimate setting with candlelight. Swami Dayamrita talked about Amma's new year’s message and the four points to reflect on daily. He also answered many questions from the group and sang bhajans with no electricity, no words, and simple bhajans that we all sang blissfully with our eyes closed. Swami said with a smile that we should find the light within and it was so!
Four hours later the group left for the ferry, and suddenly the power was restored. The clock on the stove in the kitchen repeatedly flashed '108'. It was Amma's divine lila!

Click here to see a short slideshow of Swami's recent visit to the Pacific Northwest.
"Our life should not be just for ourselves. It should also be for the society and Nature surrounding us. Human beings are a higher form of creation; we should see it as our duty to protect the creatures that are weaker than us."
- Amma

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