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M. A. Center PNW Maltby Farm
Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration
Maltby Farm
This year the gardens at MA Center PNW's Maltby farm grew in many ways. Bees arrived and got to work pollinating and producing honey in their bee shed. Fruit trees were pruned and produced beautifully. The new orchards were fenced and continue to grow. Four new garden patches were started to try soils and conditions in different parts of the property. In those patches, storage crops were planted -- potatoes, squash, corn, and beans. Potatoes were cooked for Mother's kitchen last Sunday.
The M.A. Center PNW Maltby Farm reforestation and wetlands restoration project has begun in earnest. On October 13th, a small band of 13 helpers cut down the grass and put down cardboard and mulch. Next came the planting of 278 Willow Tree branches, 4 Cedar trees, and one Alder. More varieties of trees will be planted by Spring 2019. M. A. Center PNW is pleased to take on the 65th birthday Tree Pledge.
Everyone living in or visiting the Pacific Northwest area is encouraged to participate in this effort to preserve nature and plant trees. You may read about our progress here and check the photos here.
Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Preparing for Darshan

Swamiji, Amma will be with us shortly and many of us will be attending Her programs. What should our attitude be around Amma to be able to fully receive Her blessings? Should we prepare ourselves mentally through Sadhana, ahead of time?
When we go to see a spiritual master, we have to have an open mind. An open mind means a mind that does not carry any negativities or preconceived notions. We cannot go to a Mahatma with certain ideas, for example, “I want this, I want that” or “When I go to Amma, Amma is going to fulfill this or take away my problems.”
We can categorize people who go to Amma into two categories - One category wants something -- they want a house or a good wife/husband or children or a good boss. The other category doesn’t want something – they don’t like their job or their boss or their wife or husband, or they don’t like the situation they are in and they want to get out of it.
When we go with all these preconceived notions and desires, Amma’s blessings will, of course, be with us, but we cannot obtain the full fruit of our darshan with Amma. Going with an open mind means a mind that is absolutely blank and not expecting anything -- a mind that is completely calm, subdued and free of thoughts. So, how do we reach that state of mind is the question.
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PNW Winter Retreat
Feb. 16-18, 2019
Winter Retreat
Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss this year’s winter retreat! Several PNW Satsang members visited Camp Casey Conference Center and everyone is really excited to host our annual gathering there!
"Camp Casey Conference Center’s location is one of its best assets. Situated on the Salish Sea and facing west toward the Olympic Mountains, Camp Casey offers a wealth of beachcombing, kite flying, field activities, and a scenic space for exploring"
Indoors, the accommodations are warm and comfortable – with 2 beds to a room!
Registration will be live in December so stay tuned for more details and be sure to save the date.
Pacific Northwest Winter Retreat
Feb. 16-18, 2019
Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey Island, WA
Amma's November 2018 Tour
Oakland, CA - Oakland Marriott City Center
Thursday, Nov. 22 - Friday, Nov. 23: Public Programs
Saturday, Nov. 24 - Monday, Nov. 26: Retreat
Nov. 26 evening: Public Program
Detroit, Michigan - Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Thursday, Nov. 29: Public Program
Friday, Nov. 30 - Sunday, Dec. 2nd: Retreat
Dec. 2nd evening: Public Program
Register for retreats here -
More details at
PNW GreenFriends Newsletter
Read the November 2018 GreenFriends newsletter here.
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To love means to see and feel life in everything."
- Amma

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