Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
M. A. Center PNW Maltby Farm
Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration

This year the gardens at MA Center PNW's Maltby farm grew in many ways. Bees arrived and got to work pollinating and producing honey in their bee shed. Fruit trees were pruned and produced beautifully. The new orchards were fenced and continue to grow. Four new garden patches were started to try soils and conditions in different parts of the property. In those patches, storage crops were planted -- potatoes, squash, corn, and beans. Potatoes were cooked for Mother's kitchen last Sunday.
The M.A. Center PNW Maltby Farm reforestation and wetlands restoration project has begun in earnest. On October 13th, a small band of 13 helpers cut down the grass and put down cardboard and mulch. Next came the planting of 278 Willow Tree branches, 4 Cedar trees, and one Alder. More varieties of trees will be planted by Spring 2019. M. A. Center PNW is pleased to take on the 65th birthday Tree Pledge.
Everyone living in or visiting the Pacific Northwest area is encouraged to participate in this effort to preserve nature and plant trees. You may read about our progress here.
Photo Credit - Mechas
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