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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Swamiji, how do we develop patience in our lives?
Part 3
Amma shows us through Her actions that, if we have love for anything that we do, we will naturally develop patience. As noted earlier, people wait in lines for hours together to watch a new movie or buy the latest iPhone. With our Sadhana, though, as the results are not immediate, we start to become impatient and eventually stop doing our spiritual practices.
Amma tells a story about some children who planted rice kernels in a field. Having covered the kernels with soil, the children then stood there, staring at the ground, waiting impatiently for the rice to grow. They stood there staring and wouldn't leave because they feared the rice plant would pop through the soil without them knowing about it. After about an hour they knelt down and looked closely to see if anything had sprouted up. Not finding anything above the ground, they started removing the soil to check if the seeds had germinated, but they found the rice kernels unchanged. Similarly, with our Sadhana, we are impatient and start digging to check our progress. We must understand that the very process of being patient by itself is progress. We cannot be like children expecting seeds to become fruit instantly. Amma says that in many situations in life, we need to develop patience. The reward of patience is indescribable.
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Trees for Amma’s birthday - Update
Tree Planting
You can still participate! Amma’s birthday has passed, and the pledge period has ended, but you still have until Dec. 20th to plant trees and have them counted. Use this form to report how many trees you planted by Dec. 20th.
Portland Satsang
Amma’s Portland Satsang joined Friends of Trees on Saturday, October 13 to serve the City of Beaverton and Clean Water Services at Upper Fanno Wetland. We planted hundreds of native trees and shrubs to green this special site. We experienced some very poor soil conditions (e.g. really rocky!) that made planting challenging but it didn’t stop us! In fact, we even did some significant trash seva on site.
Tree Planting
Sri Lakshmi from Vashon Island
On September 27th, we made a family pledge to plant 21 trees by December 20th, 2018. Since then we have planted over 180 native evergreen and western red cedar, all donated from neighbors! We have also given away 65 trees.
MA Center PNW - Maltby Farm
We gathered at Maltby Farm on October 13 and planted a total of 282 Willow tree cuttings (live stakes) that will help control the Reed canary grass. We plan to add Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Red Alder trees to the area. Diversity and the different layer highs of the canopy will add a better habitat for animal and plants. Tree Planting
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Integrated Amrita Meditation in Seattle
The IAM® (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique) is a powerful tool for our personal and spiritual growth.There is no time like NOW to learn the IAM Technique!
Please notify your friends and acquaintances who might like to attend.
2-Day IAM®-35 Course: Oct 20 - 21
IAM®-35 Refresher Course: October 21
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PNW Winter Retreat
Save The Date!
Pacific Northwest Winter Retreat
Feb. 16-18, 2019
Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey island, WA
Join us on Whidbey Island this February for a winter weekend filled with devotion, bhajans, meditation, nature walks and much more! We’ll also invite Amma’s Swami Br.Dayamrita Chaitanya in hopes he will be able to join us.
Amma's November 2018 Tour
Amma's November 2018 North American Tour Dates have been announced! Dates are as follows.
San Francisco Bay Area:
Thursday, Nov. 22 - Friday, Nov. 23: Public Programs
Saturday, Nov. 24 - Monday, Nov. 26: Retreat
Nov. 26 evening: Public Program
Detroit, Michigan:
Thursday, Nov. 29: Public Program
Friday, Nov. 30 - Sunday, Dec. 2nd: Retreat
Dec. 2nd evening: Public Program
PLEASE NOTE: New venues this year. Details to come soon at
Amma Tour
"The mind full of thoughts is ignorance,
the same mind devoid of thoughts is the Atman, the Self."
- Amma

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