Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
A Malt-BEE Adventuer
By Marvel Galvin
Bee Buddies: Chris, Chaitanyan, Marvel, Yasas & Mechas

In writing about bringing honeybees to our M.A. Center PNW - Maltby farm, this could easily have become a mostly introspective, philosophical essay about caring for bees. Instead, for those who are interested in, or have thought about taking it on, the following offers an introductory example of the steps involved in this undertaking. At our Maltby farm, we are following Amma's guidelines to work in harmony with nature. Keeping bees is part of that endeavor. Though it's possible to begin beekeeping on one's own, there are sound reasons for partnering with another person or a group. Most of us have many other demands on our time that make the daily commitment impractical, and at peak season, maneuvering heavy hive boxes requires another set of hands.  In that light, we have had many hands involved in the caring of our bees.
Unless you are fortunate enough to be a beekeeper's apprentice, your venture into Beekeeping will likely be similar to ours. Initially, there is often the expectation that an eager mentor awaits your budding interest – which is usually followed by the disappointing realization of how scarce that opportunity is. The learning, equipment, set-up, and supplies, etc., all come with a committed effort toward research, classes, bee meetings, and tending the hive. For those who are interested, most counties have a Beekeepers Association with monthly meetings, speakers, and an opportunity to network and ask questions. YouTube offers endless beekeeping demos, which can be helpful, but one might be well-advised to verify the information when possible.
So our newly-formed Maltby team ventured into the world of beekeeping with little collective experience among us. But with an eagerness to begin and the blessing of Amma's Grace on board, everything gradually fell into place.
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Trees for Amma’s birthday
Plant by Dec 20
Our goal for this project is to plant trees all over North America, in honor of our beloved Amma’s birthday. We are happy to report that many devotees are responding with joy and enthusiasm.
You can still participate! Amma’s birthday has passed, and the pledge period has ended, but you still have until Dec. 20th to plant trees and have them counted. Let’s see if we can plant more than 1,500 trees to delight our beautiful, compassionate and ever-giving Amma!
As of Sept. 28th, 187 people (plus one group) have pledged to plant 1,060 trees. And 120 trees have already been planted!
Use this form to report how many trees you planted by Dec. 20th. You are welcome to report the trees you planted whether or not you made a pledge. (Note: Trees planted during a satsang work party should be reported only by the organizer of the event, on the same form.)
For interesting articles, videos and information, (e.g. how to plant a tree, and how to plant trees if you have no land) please check out the new tree-planting section of the GreenFriends-North America Resources page.
Integrated Amrita Meditation in Seattle
The IAM® (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique) is a powerful tool for our personal and spiritual growth.There is no time like NOW to learn the IAM Technique!
Please notify your friends and acquaintances who might like to attend.
2-Day IAM®-35 Course: Oct 20 - 21
IAM®-35 Refresher Course: October 21
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Birthday Event - News and Photos

It was wonderful to have Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya preside over Amma's 65 Birthday Celebrations at Bellevue Hilton on Sep 23rd. Devotees from all over the PNW region came together to celebrate this special event and it was a joy to see all the familiar faces. Local devotees Theresa Joss and Vandya Sexton shared their heartfelt Amma life experiences with all the attendees. In honor of Amma's birthday, several trees were distributed. We also received generous support to raise funds for the Kerala Flood Relief efforts through the delicious vegetarian meal and silent auction fundraisers.
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PNW Winter Retreat
Save The Date - Feb. 16-18, 2019
Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey island, WA
Join us on Whidbey Island this February for a winter weekend filled with devotion, bhajans, meditation, nature walks and much more! We’ll also invite Amma’s Swami Br.Dayamrita Chaitanya in hopes he will be able to join us.
Winter Retreat
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"Be like the honeybee who gathers nectar wherever it goes.
Seek the goodness that is found in everyone."
- Amma

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