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Kerala Flood Disaster & Relief Efforts
Kerala Flood Relief
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

As you have probably heard, our beloved Amma's home state of Kerala is enduring the worst flooding calamity since 1927.
"The death count is rising each day. There has also been untold crop and property destructionů" Please read more about this disaster and what Embracing the World is doing to help here.
Let us all pray for the flooding to subside and for relief to those afflicted by flood.
To DONATE in support of the relief efforts, please visit Amma's donation page here. To donate on line, select the donation option "make your contribution online", and choose "Kerala Flood Relief" from the drop down project list.
In Amma's Service,
Amma's Pacific Northwest Regional Coordination Team
"It's not enough to pray and hope for a favorable future. We should also be ready to work with alertness, determination and self-confidence. Realizing our past mistakes and learning from them, we should move forward and work with enthusiasm."
- Amma

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