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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 3-step plastic challenge. In San Ramon, I had the opportunity to present Amma with the results for our region.
As I headed up onto the stage with Rema Devi and my laptop I felt both nervous and excited. I knelt down by the side of Amma’s chair and opened up the PowerPoint presentation. Amma was, of course, giving darshan at the same time. In between hugs, I explained to Her what our region had accomplished while Gita translated.
Amma was listening and showing a lot of interest then a sad, worried look came over Her face and She commented on how bad plastic is for the environment. Suddenly, Her worried look turned into a huge smile as She enthusiastically told me about all the children in India who are taking single-use plastics and creating beautful products out of it.
Amma always sees the silver lining in any negative situation, and the silver lining is all of Her children making strides to honor one another and care for Mother Nature.
- Diya Heal
Source Reduction Source Reduction
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"If we always have the attitude of a beginner,
every situation will be an opportunity for us to learn"
- Amma

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