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Amma PNW Tour Posters
Amma PNW Tour Posters are ready for you to spread Amma's Loving Light around the Pacific Northwest Region!
Please consider participating in this special seva. Satsangs in Oregon, BC, and Washington now have Amma PNW Tour Posters, Bookmarks, and Postcards available for you to pick up and get out to your local communities.
NEW This Year Removeable Car Stickers and Car Magnets Announcing Amma's programs as you drive around town. Suggested donation is $4.00 for these stickers.
See attached Tips for Postering, a .jpg of this year's Amma PNW poster for you to post on your social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email blast newsletters etc. and also a quick audio message. We do have some local neighborhood maps for some areas, should you wish to see them, please contact Swaaha.
Thank you in advance for participating in this Amma Tour Poster Seva, you are dearly appreciated! Feel free to call, text, email or vm: email: or 970-519-1457
Swaaha Maurya
Amma's 2018 Program Volunteering Opportunities
As you probably know, Amma’s 2018 Pacific Northwest program is entirely run by volunteers and it is fast approaching! In the effort to ensure the program runs smoothly, we are looking for volunteers who can make a commitment in advance of the program. There are a wide variety of selfless service (seva) positions available in which you, your friends and family can lend a hand.
Please visit now for more details, or visit the Seva Desk (Volunteering Help Desk) during the program to assist.
For additional information, please contact Rajani at
Amma's 2018 Summer Tour
Visit for details.
An Offering For Amma
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Our beloved Amma will be here soon! I know we are all very busy but if you could carve out a few minutes to write down a sentence or two for Amma about your experience with the 3-Step plastic challenge it would be greatly appreciated.
Did you learn anything? Were there any funny moments or a story you can share? Can you send a photo of yourself using a reusable cup, bag or other alternative to a plastic item? If you weren’t able to take the challenge, can you think of something you would be willing to change in order to reduce your use of plastic and then write it in a pledge to Amma? Are you aware of someone in your satsang who has gone up and beyond to honor this challenge?
Every contribution, no matter how seemingly small, makes a huge difference! Your cooperation and participation is necessary to create a beautiful presentation to offer at Amma’s Holy Lotus Feet.
Please send all correspondence to Diya Heal at Make sure to include your name and where you are from in your email.
In Amma’s Service,
Diya Heal
PNW Regional Source Reduction Coordinator
"Love is our true essence"
- Amma

Contact us at You can catch up on missed emails at Amma's PNW Newsletter Archive.
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