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At 10 pm tonight, we are summoned across the world, wherever we live, beyond our convictions and religions, to a moment of recollection, prayer and supplication for peace in Syria.
The suffering inflicted upon these millions of men of women and children is abominable. While they have no one to ask for help, they are under the eyes of the whole world. We feel helpless in this situation, and can only pray.
So why not mobilize the entire planet to pray for peace? It's urgent!
Let's transform our compassion into a gigantic chain of prayer and intercession. Forward this message further, it will help extend this chain of compassion. And especially take a minute tonight to pray for them! We are only asked to pray! So get the message out as much as you can!
Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhihi,
Bri Rema Devi
Mata Amritanandamayi Centers
"The amount of love, the amount of heart, which you pour into your work,
makes it significant and beautiful."
- Amma

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