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Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya PNW Visit
Seattle - Sunday, March 18
We are blessed to announce that Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya is coming to the Seattle area on March 18th. Please join us for satsang (spiritual discourse), bhajans (devotional singing) and meditation with Swamiji. Venue - TBD.
March is Kick Butts Month!
This month the PNW Litter Project is sponsoring a cigarette butt pick up work party in support of Kick Butts Day, a campaign for tobacco free kids. Seattle is having their work party on Sunday March 4th, but if you are working as an individual or are from another area you can do your pick up anytime during the month!
If you would like to come to the Seattle work party and need more information, write Karuna at
If you work on your own, keep track of how long you picked up the butts and send it to Karuna. If your satsang has a work party, please keep track of how long each person worked and send that information along with the personís first name or initials to Karuna so she can record it for the Litter Project hours and also report it to the Kick Butts organization. If possible send photos too!
Every butt you pick up is one less for a bird, fish or other form of wildlife to eat. You can make a difference.
MA Center PNW Auction
Accepting Items for Auction until March 9

On April 7th we will have the MA Center PNW Auction. This auction is our biggest annual fundraiser for the development of the much beloved Maltby property. Please take some time to think about what YOU can donate to the auction.
Successful services to donate are things like: Airport Shuttle, Dinner for Two, Vacation Getaway, Airplane Tickets, Massage, Spa Entry, Healing Services, Dog Walking, Homemade Plantain Chips....
Please fill out the Auction Donation Form, if you are thinking of donating an item or service.
Deadline for receiving donations is March 9th. Thanks in Advance! Questions? Visala 206-861-5917
IAM-Integrated Meditation Technique
2-day IAM-35 Course and Refresher
Sat April 21st 10am-4pm, Sun April 22nd 1:30-5:30pm
Seattle Area
Registration begins in March. Contact
2018 Winter Retreat Report
This yearís retreat was perfect for the children and the inner child in each of us. Not only was there an epic slide and mini golf course for the kids, but also bhajans, drum circles and sound baths for the mamas and the papas!
The children loved spending time with Swamiji, playing basketball and ping-pong in the gym, and the adults were inspired by his Q and A and grateful he was able to join us on the Oregon Coast for bhajans, Arathi and Closing Prayers before hurrying back to lead a silent retreat in San Ramon.
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"Once you transcend the mind, you cannot die.
Meditation and spiritual practices give you the power to smile at death."
- Amma

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