Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
Summer Tour Program Guide 2018
Help support Amma's tour to the Pacific Northwest in Summer 2018.
We are grateful and blessed that Amma will be coming to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. In order to support Amma's programs in our area, we really need your help to raise funds through the Program Guide.
Contribute in your own special way!
  • Place a pranam ad (individual/group)
  • Connect with businesses to see if they want to place an ad
  • Do fundraisers ( even a small amount helps us reach closer to our fundraising goals)
  • Read the product labels of the healthy foods you enjoy....are they local to the Northwest? They may be interested in placing an ad/trade their samples for an in-kind ad.
  • Offer your time to make a few phone calls to invite new businesses

The deadline to place ads is Feb 28, 2018. For questions/participate in this seva, please contact Jyoti at
Ad Pricing:
Color pages- Local Ads
  • Full page: 4.125 w x 6.125 h .......$500
  • Half page: 4.125 w x 3 h ...............$325
  • Quarter page: 2 w x 3 h ................$200

Color pages - National Ads
  • Full page: 4.125 w x 6.125 h ........$1500
  • Half page: 4.125 w x 3 h ..............$950
  • Quarter page: 2 w x 3 h ................$500

Maltby Residence Property and Gardens Report
MA Center has owned the Maltby residence for over two years. During that time the residents and regional friends have followed Amma's direction to farm and preserve nature. With the help of sevites from near and far the gardens nearly doubled in size last year, and now include orchards with 40 fruit trees. All together there were are 100 different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs... and what happy plants, with all the love and care they received!
Composting also took off last year, after three gardeners from Seattle and Vancouver went to the 5-day Soil Food Web workshop in San Ramon, lead by Dr. Elaine Ingham. Several rounds of compost have been made, and this year compost tea will be brewed to spread on all the garden beds. In addition, 25 truck loads of wood chip mulch have been provided by a neighbor with a tree service business.
Finally, a big boost came to the farming activities with the donation of ground maintenance equipment from generous friends who were selling their forest estate. Included were a tractor with implements and a flat-bed trailer that has hydraulics for dumping.
Plans are being made for 2018 and details will appear in coming issues of the Green Friends Newsletter. Everyone is warmly invited to come to Maltby and participate in the seva days -- all levels of ability and skills are needed, as well as everyone's interest to learn something new. Gardening and caring for this property is deeply nourishing -- as the garden grows, so do we!
“Children, what you do is Seva towards the world. One should treat this as the best of opportunities…... To be of use to this world and do Seva is a great chance. To receive the opportunity to do Seva and serve the world is a gift from God. Imagine a poverty stricken person who has nothing, being fed through this act. That (being able to feed the poor) is Amma’s intention.” - Amma 29 Oct , Munich, Europe Yatra 2009
Om Amriteshwaryai namah!
The residents of Maltby and their Green Friends
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