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Wishing You and Your Family a Happy 2018!
Satsang with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Join us for a wonderful and uplifting way to start the new year! The residents of the Maltby property warmly welcome everyone to participate in satsang and bhajans with Swamiji.
When: Sat Jan 6, 11am - 2pm
Where: 22404 134th Ave SE, Snohomish WA (Map)
Contact: Yasas at 505.603.8487
Winter Retreat, Feb 16 - 19
Winter Retreat Registration is Open - Click Here to Register
We're hoping registration will pick up now that the holidays have passed. We will not be registering people at the door; you must register online, using the link provided. We have added day use registration, with a two-day minimum: Saturday and Sunday for $100, which includes all meals.
When you register, please respond to the IAM survey. In addition to the Guided IAM-35, which will be offered every morning after Archana, before breakfast, we may also offer an IAM-20 Course, IAM-35 Refresher, IAM for Youth, a Drumming Circle, and a Sound Healing Meditation, depending on the level of interest. So, please indicate your interest in any of these activities when you register.
Contact: Sumeetra at 503-754-9572
Following-up on Our Birthday Gift for Amma
Last fall, more than 100 Pacific Northwest devotees honored Amma’s birthday by planting 309 trees, during just seven weeks (between the last week in September and November 9).
Since Amma did not come to the U.S. this fall, we decided to share the project with her in Amritapuri. Ten of us – from Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Salt Spring Island satsangs – took a booklet about it to Amma. Karuna gave Amma the booklet, and Amma looked through many of the pages.
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Summer Tour Program Guide 2018
Help support Amma's tour to the Pacific Northwest in Summer 2018.
We are grateful and blessed that Amma will be coming to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. In order to support Amma's programs in our area, we really need your help to raise funds through the Program Guide.
Contribute in your own special way!
  • Place a pranam ad (individual/group)
  • Connect with businesses to see if they want to place an ad
  • Do fundraisers ( even a small amount helps us reach closer to our fundraising goals)
  • Read the product labels of the healthy foods you enjoy....are they local to the Northwest? They may be interested in placing an ad/trade their samples for an in-kind ad.
  • Offer your time to make a few phone calls to invite new businesses

The deadline to place ads is Feb 28, 2018. For questions/participate in this seva, please contact Jyoti at
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PNW GreenFriends Newsletter
Read the January 2018 GreenFriends newsletter here.
Read the back issues here
Mother's Kitchen
Mother's Kitchen
Mother's Kitchen crew serving an entertaining breakfast to the homeless in Seattle
"How you do a thing is more important than what you do. "
- Amma

Contact us at You can catch up on missed emails at Amma's PNW Newsletter Archive.
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