Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
Following-up on Our Birthday Gift for Amma
Last fall, more than 100 Pacific Northwest devotees honored Amma’s birthday by planting 309 trees, during just seven weeks (between the last week in September and November 9).
Since Amma did not come to the U.S. this fall, we decided to share the project with her in Amritapuri. Ten of us – from Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Salt Spring Island satsangs – took a booklet about it to Amma. The booklet was filled with photos and stories about the tree planting (which you can see in the last issue of the PNW GreenFriends newsletter).
Since darshan was being held that day in the Kali Temple, which has a very small stage, there wasn’t room for us to go up as a group. Instead we formed a long line and went for darshan one after the other. Kumuda took the photo of us above as we waited in the darshan line!
Karuna gave Amma the booklet, and Amma looked through many of the pages. She was clearly happy with our work. To let Amma know we were together, each member of the group said “I planted trees” to Amma when they had their darshan – in both English and Malayalam!
When John, the last person in line, made the statement, Amma looked at the person beside her and said “He said it too!”. We wish all of you that planted trees could have been with us, but Amma did see your beautiful photos and stories.
Earlier that week, on Tuesday, December 19, Amma had mentioned tree planting during her talk. She told us that tree planting is a great seva in that it gives fruit, flowers and shade to many people for years, and purifies the atmosphere as well.
We look forward to planting many more trees for Amma in the months and years ahead. GreenFriends will list the number of trees (and shrubs) planted each month. Let Karuna at know if you have any helpful and interesting stories and information about serving nature, including planting trees.
"A tree is like a house that we construct for Mother Earth.” – Amma
Summer Tour Program Guide 2018
Help support Amma's tour to the Pacific Northwest in Summer 2018.
We are grateful and blessed that Amma will be coming to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. In order to support Amma's programs in our area, we really need your help to raise funds through the Program Guide.
Contribute in your own special way!
  • Place a pranam ad (individual/group)
  • Connect with businesses to see if they want to place an ad
  • Do fundraisers ( even a small amount helps us reach closer to our fundraising goals)
  • Read the product labels of the healthy foods you enjoy....are they local to the Northwest? They may be interested in placing an ad/trade their samples for an in-kind ad.
  • Offer your time to make a few phone calls to invite new businesses

The deadline to place ads is Feb 28, 2018. For questions/participate in this seva, please contact Jyoti at
Ad Pricing:
Color pages- Local Ads
  • Full page: 4.125 w x 6.125 h .......$500
  • Half page: 4.125 w x 3 h ...............$325
  • Quarter page: 2 w x 3 h ................$200

Color pages - National Ads
  • Full page: 4.125 w x 6.125 h ........$1500
  • Half page: 4.125 w x 3 h ..............$950
  • Quarter page: 2 w x 3 h ................$500

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