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Amma's Birthday Celebrations Gift for Amma Whidbey Satsang
Amma's 64th Birthday Celebrations
Oct 7 @ Hilton Bellevue, WA with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
For 64 years now, Amma has been blessing the world with her compassion and selflessness. Holding the sick, the poor and the lonely directly to her heart… drying their tears with her own hands… doing everything she can to uplift them… Amma’s life is an expression of a Love we had heretofore only read about. Seeing only oneness and unity, it is a Love that cuts across all boundaries—those of nation, of politics, of religion, of language, of caste. It is a Love that embraces people of all ages, all backgrounds, all walks of life. It is a Love that inspires everyone it touches to strive to expand his or her heart and mind. It is a Love that makes people ask themselves, “What more could I be doing to help others?”
Each year the devotees and disciples of Amma come together on Amma’s birthday in order to celebrate the advent of this Love into their lives. Join us for Amma's 64th birthday celebrations with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya on Sat, Oct 7th.
When: Sat, Oct 7, 2017, 11am - 2pm
Where: Hilton Bellevue, 300 112th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004 (Map)
Schedule: Amma's Pada Puja, 108 Names Chanting, Spiritual Talk, Bhajans, Arati, Lunch

A Birthday Gift for our Beloved Mother
Pledge before Oct 9, Plant by Nov 5
Birthday Gift
Soon it will be our beloved Amma’s birthday. This year Amma will be 64. Amma rarely asks for anything at all. But for several years now, she has been asking us to plant trees.
Will you commit to planting one tree (or more) this year, to celebrate Amma’s birth?
Amma was not raised in a culture that celebrates birthdays. But to make her children happy, she submits to our desire to celebrate her birth. Yet even on her birthday, Amma doesn't stop giving. She gives gifts to many people – in the past, she has given clothing to poor people, free weddings to those who couldn’t afford to marry, and launched humanitarian projects such as massive building projects and clean-up campaigns. And of course, she gives darshan – to tens of thousands. Many years, on her birthday Amma is on stage for nearly 24 hours.
Fall is a good time to plant trees in the Pacific Northwest.
In honor of her 64th birthday, our goal is to offer Amma a gift of at least 64 trees this year, planted by her PNW satsang children. (But 108 trees could be even more wonderful!) We will send out some basic information on how to plant trees, and where you can plant them, if you don’t own property or don’t have room.
So, before October 9th, please tell your satsang coordinator how many trees you will plant. (This year in Amritapuri, Amma's birthday is being celebrated October 9th on Karthika, her birthstar day, instead of Sept. 27th.)
Please plant your tree before Nov. 5th, which is the next Karthika.
Once you plant your tree or trees, take a photo of it, or have someone take a photo of you with it, and send it to the PNW newsletter at
We would also love to hear your tree-planting stories! Send satsang tree-planting stories and photos to the GreenFriends newsletter at
We will keep you posted on how our gift is coming along! We already know Amma will love us!
Om Namaha Shivaya
Tirtha, Karuna, Kothai and Brad
Whidbey Satsang Events
Whidbey Amma Satsang starts back up Sunday, October 1st, at 4 pm! We will be planting trees in honor of Amma’s 64th birthday starting at 2:30 pm.
After a beautiful summer of sun, gardens and travel adventures, Whidbey Satsang monthly “First Sunday” gatherings will begin again in October. Let us come together in community, spiritual teachings, prayer, meditation and songs to feel more deeply connected to our Beloved Amma. Satsang hosted at Rajani (Julie) & Ben’s home at 3495 Daisy Lane, Clinton, WA 98236 (Map).
Whidbey Amma Satsang Fall Dates: Sun Oct 1, Sun Nov 5, Sun Dec 3
"A disciple with awareness and devotion
will continuously receive the Guru’s guidance, no matter where they are"
- Amma

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