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Upcoming Events

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri Visit

Sunday, August 6th – 11am to 7pm
  @ North Bellevue Community Center (Map) Monday, August 7th – 7pm to 10pm
  @ The Maltby Property (Map)
Swami is an inspiring presenter who has dedicated his life to sharing Mata Amritanandamayi's message of love and service to humanity. Please join us for two blissful days with Swamiji.
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Wah! Benefit Concert in Seattle

Saturday, August 12, 8pm
  @ Northwest African American Museum (Map)
Wah! will be here soon. She is celebrating touring for 20 years. Come join the Redmond Satsang and once again celebrate her offering of the Healing Concert as a benefit for MA Center PNW. All are encouraged to attend!
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Ganapathi Homa: Save the Date

On the occasion of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, we are planning for a Ganapathi Homa in the morning, followed by all day chanting for protection and world peace. As this solar eclipse traverses the USA from coast to coast, we will do our part to enhance the peace and wellness of all beings everywhere. All are welcome to participate. Details will follow in the next edition of this newsletter.
Contact Yasas at for more details

Green Goodness

Seeds of Life, Seeds of Healing

Heirloom Seeds
"Amma has been suggesting we grow vegetables for several years. Many people started small plots in their yards. The Maltby Property is becoming a garden paradise. One of the most important requirements for a garden is good seeds. Farmers and gardeners of the past saved their own seeds. Today good seeds are harder to come by. Here is information on why it is harder to get good seeds and to inspire you to save your own seeds!"
"Every seed we plant is a tiny loving prayer in action."
- Rowan White, founder of Sierra Seeds

Vandya H. from they OlyPen satsang has written an wonderful article on heirloom seeds. Click here to read this inspiriring article.
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Greenbelt Restoration

Green Belt Cleanup
During July, GreenFriends held four work parties focused on removing blackberry vines and their rootballs, bindweed and ivy. Fifty-eight people participated in that work. Thirty of them were students from the University of Washington’s Introduction to Environmental Science course. Three members of Redmond Satsang’s newly formed AYUDH chapter participated in the July 2 event. We worked a combined total of 170 hours during the four work parties! Starting the end of October, we will plant native trees, shrubs and groundcovers on the site.

Contact Karuna Poole at to find out how you can help.

Green Friends

Green Friends
Click here to view the Green Friends Newsletter.

Planting Trees

From Tirtha in Victoria:
Someone recently asked Amma how best to prepare for our uncertain future. Her reply was: "Plant trees." Amma has been suggesting for several years that we plant trees. Let's share the stories of what we're doing to plant more trees. Sharing our ideas will help inspire others, and give us all ideas on how and where we can plant more trees and keep trees healthier! What have you been doing to plant trees? Let us know!

(Send your stories and photos to We will share them in a future GreenFriends newsletter.)
"When the present is so beautiful and full, why worry about the future?
Let the future unfold by itself from the present."
- Amma
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