Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
Flowers for Amma
Many of you have gardens and may have lovely, sturdy flowers and greens appearing at this time. Please consider bringing some of your garden bounty to Amma's programs at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency this year. You can make them into a lovely bouquet for Amma, or bring them directly to the flower preparation area (or sales cart if you don't know where the prep area is - we can direct you or deliver them to the right place).
All bouquets, flowers and greens that you bring to Amma from home will reappear in several bouquets that go up to Amma over and over again. That's why the flowers and greens you choose should be fairly sturdy, and should be free of thorns and prickles. Some items that may be blooming end of May are roses, iris, peony, lavender - bring whatever is blooming and seems suitable. Flower petals should be well attached to the stems and not shaking loose. Thorns should be removed from roses. Herbs are another wonderful offering and can come solo or in bouquets with flowers.
Some people have grown or purchase small plants in pots and bring them to Amma. These are great, as they can keep going up to Amma, and can then be taken home to be planted in a garden or to grow in some lucky persons home. When bringing plants in pots please be sure they are not too heavy for Amma or assistants to pass. All flowers, plants and fruit offered to Amma and left after Devi Bhava are sold immediately following Devi Bhava.
Flower sales at Amma's programs support many objectives. By recycling the bouquets that are taken to Amma for additional trips up to Her, we are reducing the number of flowers used and the cost of flowers for bouquets and for Devi Bhava petals. Lovely bouquets are available at the programs for you to purchase and take up to Amma in a loving and traditional gesture of regard and respect. The profit from the sales always goes to support Amma's many charitable works.
Please do not hesitate to contact Ingrid Lange or Arunima Menon if you have questions about bringing flowers to Amma's programs.
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