Amma's Pacific Northwest Region
Food Worker Card
To all who are graciously volunteering for food-handling sevas during Amma's 2017 programs at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, please note:
  • Those supervising a food-handling seva MUST have a valid Washington State Food Worker Card (FWC).
  • Those that are being immediately supervised (e.g. volunteer sevites who are reporting to our leads and coordinators) are not required to have a FWC, but it is still recommended.

If you are a coordinator/lead/supervisor who will be overseeing food-handling, preparation, service, cleanup or in any other way intersecting food in your seva leadership responsibilities, you MUST get your FWC before the program starts. If you are a volunteer who knows you will be working in a food-handling seva, even though you are not in a supervisory position, please still get your FWC.
If you are in doubt on either of these, err on the side of caution and get your FWC. To get your FWC, there is an on-line test that takes about an hour and costs ten bucks here: Note: If you live outside of King County, when prompted in the test, you can use Zip Code: 98006
It is recommended that you reference the manual during the test to help answer questions. The food workers manual is available here:
If you have questions or concerns, please contact our seva coordinator Cindy at
Tour Poster Seva
With only a few short weeks until Amma's visit, we need your help posting flyers for Amma's Pacific Northwest program!
If you could set aside a little time this week to hang Amma's posters in yoga studios, book stores, restaurants, health food stores, healing arts' studios and anywhere else you can think of... we can make a big impact in getting the word out.
Posters are available by contacting Anavadya at 206-229-7228, or you can print the posters by downloading it here. Also the Maltby residents have a supply of printed posters, 5X7 cards and business cards. Over the next two weekends you are welcome to stop by and grab a few.
Posting Tips:
  • Have a stack of posters and post cards with you so you can be ready anywhere at any time! Keep tape and tacks available to ensure posters can be hung properly.
  • Try to hang posters at eye level in high traffic areas.
  • Where practical, leave extra business card sized flyers in the frames of bulletin boards for people to take as a reminder of the event.
  • Note the places you go (gyms, restaurants, bookstores, etc.) -- those are the places we want to make sure have posters.
  • Don't be afraid to ask the manager of your favorite place of business if you can hang a poster in their window. They will happily accept or very politely decline.

If you need any more pointers or have additional questions, please contact Anavadya by phone at 206-229-7228 or by email at
Maltby residents call for help
The residents are busy cleaning, preparing and repairing the house for the tour visit. However, help is needed to get it all ready for the Amma's arrival to the Pacific NW.
In particular, from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm, the weekends of May 13-14 and May 20-21 are being set aside for deep cleaning, getting the grounds safe and clear and other maintenance work. If you have an hour or the entire day please feel free to drop by and help. No particular experience is needed for the work remaining.
Chai will be available all day. But since the residents will be busy, please kindly bring your own food and snacks for the day.
Remember to be kind to the neighbors, human and four legged, and drive very slowly down the driveway. Carefully park so as to avoid blocking the main access road. It creates a fire hazard. At this time we do not have a place to plug in any electric cars. So please plan accordingly.
If accommodations are needed or you need directions, please contact Yasas at
Om namah Shivaya,
The Maltby residents!
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