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PMW Tour Coordinator - Open Positions
Amma Shop Security Co-Coordinator - Need 1
This fun position supports Amma’s bookstore by staffing sevites that help people shop, understand the system of purchasing items and ensure goods are treated with respect while on display.
Postering Co-Coordinator - Need 1
Postering co-coordinator needs to be someone based in the general Seattle/Redmond area who can strategize and work with teams putting up posters of Amma’s upcoming PNW tour.
Tour Laundry Co-Coordinator - Need 1
Are you able to offer behind the scenes support to tour staff working long hours on the floor during Amma’s programs? You will be working with another, coordinating to collect and bring laundry to an off-site laundromat.
Green Goods Co-Coordinator - Need 1
Green Goods Boutique needs a co-coordinator, who can support Aurora Karuna in packing up and bringing items for the Green Goods store up to Amma’s PNW programs, and back down to Portland, Oregon at the end of programs. The perfect person for this position is someone who can support logistics, help with coordination of volunteers and enjoys the public. Ideal person is someone based in the Eugene/Portland/Vancouver area.
Please contact for details.
IAM-35© Course – Seattle, April 2017
The IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is a powerful tool for our spiritual growth. Amma has said that this meditation acts on a very subtle level--eradicating all our negative tendencies, slowly but surely, and gives obvious practical results very fast. She has assured us that if we practice IAM regularly we will see all aspects of our lives improve. There is no time like NOW to learn the IAM Technique!
2-Day IAM-35© Course
When: April 22 - 23, 2017
Where: Seattle Holistic Center, 7700 Aurora Ave N (Map)
You must attend BOTH days to complete the 2-Day Course.
The 2-Day IAM Course is offered for those people who are deeply interested in spiritual practice. This is the IAM Course that has been offered at Amma’s retreats for the past 12 years. The Course includes Amma’s spiritual teachings on meditation and practical guidance for a worry-free life. You will learn a 35 minute practice integrating several modalities focusing on movement, breath, sound and light.
To Register, contact Kumuda at or 206-799-6846. There is no charge for learning the IAM Technique, however there will be a small donation requested to cover the costs of the facility, snacks and class materials. Typically, the amount is $15 - $20.
IAM-35© Refresher Course
If you have already taken the IAM-35 Course you are eligible to attend the IAM-35 Refresher Course, offered concurrently at the same location.
When: Sunday April 23, 1:00-3:00pm
Where: Seattle Holistic Center, 7700 Aurora Ave N (Map)
Pre-registration requested to:
If you have gotten irregular with your IAM practice or just want to strengthen it, then the Refresher Course is for you! At the Refresher you can ask questions, clarify and deepen your understanding of the technique, and be guided through the steps of practice. Many who have attended Refresher Courses have found that they gained a great intellectual and experiential boost to their IAM practice. You are also welcome to attend any or all of the IAM-35 class.
Maltby Update
Maltby residence updating and deferred maintenance has a green light.
As mentioned in prior newsletters, the residence needs some repairing, updating, and completion of deferred maintenance. We are pleased to announce that we've received clearance to begin this process. Specifically we are cleared to remove the chimneys and the fireplaces.
To that end we need a few skilled carpenters and some strong backs and arms to help with that task. Bob is general contracting on this part and would like to schedule this work for the weekend of March 25th and 26th , 9 am- 4 pm. If you are available that weekend, please tell Bob ( by March 18th.
Note that this project is dependent upon weather and the availability of the skilled labor, so a few days prior to the 25th he will confirm the status of that weekend and send out an email to all volunteers.
Here is what is needed to safely and efficiently complete the job:
1. People power:
  • At least 4 additional people are needed to wield sledges and a demolition hammer to demo the existing fireplaces.
  • Another skilled or semi-skilled carpenter would be helpful to frame in holes in walls, and ceiling.
  • We also need a drywall person to help mud and tape the sheet-rock.

2. Equipment needed:
If you can bring or lend the following items, please let either Bob or Yasas know.
  • Several sturdy wheelbarrows, at least 2 sledge hammers, Cold chisels.
  • Sturdy hard hats are also recommended.
  • Everyone must bring work gloves.
  • Demolition crew also must bring sturdy boots and eye protection.

Hot lunch and chai for everyone. Chanting of the Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam with the residents begins at 4:30 PM. Anyone who needs a place to stay, please contact Yasas (
Parents -- no children please unless they are supervised and kept away from the demolition site at all times.
No pets of any kind are permitted inside or on MA Center owned or controlled premises except for ADA service dog.
Om Namaha Shivaya,
Your Maltby Property Team
PNW Litter Project Work Parties
Litter WorkParty
On February 25, six children and one of their leaders from the Redmond satsang’s Bala Kendra group picked up litter in Seattle’s Greenbelt. It was amazing to see how much they collected in an hour.

Litter WorkParty

On March 5, nine Litter Project members gathered on a cold and rainy day to pick up cigarette butts in Seattle’s International District. They were working in support of Kick Butts Day, an annual event organized by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Two Tacoma members were gathering butts in Tacoma at the same time.
Between the two groups, 13 pounds of cigarette butts were collected. The butts were then mailed to TerrraCyle where they will be recycled into plastic pallets.
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