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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Discernment and Dispassion
Question: Swamiji, during Amma's satsang talks, one hears terms such as dispassion and discernment. Can you explain these terms with some examples?
Answer: Dispassion in Sanskrit is called vairagya and discernment is viveka. These two go together. If you have viveka you will have vairagya and if you have vairagya, viveka will be there. Both of them augment each other. When we have vairagya, we understand what is absolutely necessary for us. But this understanding is cultivated through viveka only.
Growing up, we were attached to different objects at different times in our lives. When we were young, we were attached to a toy. A few years later, we were attached to a video game and then to a motorbike, a car, etc. As we mature, these objects become less attractive to us and that is, in one sense, called vairagya (dispassion). Similarly, when we mature spiritually, we understand that the objects possessed by us and our worldly relationships are our attachments. The ultimate state of vairagya is the vairagya of a saint – for them nothing in the world matters. They know that all the objects are toys and are of no use to reach the goal. In fact, they are a distraction or an impediment. Vairagya is the conscious sacrifice of our pleasures and objects, understanding that they will not give us permanent happiness.
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PMW Tour Coordinator - Open Positions
Amma Shop Security Coordinator - Need 1
This fun position supports Amma’s bookstore by staffing sevites that help people shop, understand the system of purchasing items and ensure goods are treated with respect while on display.
Flower Co-Coordinator - Need 1
Would you love supporting Amma’s PNW programs through the beauty of flowers? This high energy seva may be just the right position for you! Flower Coordinators are present at all Amma's programs to ensure that the flower prasad is being cycled appropriately as well as coordinating and training "Flower Bucket Runner" seva positions.
Tour Laundry - Need 1
Are you able to offer behind the scenes support to tour staff working long hours on the floor during Amma’s programs? You will be working with another coordinating to collect and bring laundry to an off-site laundromat.
Please contact for details.
PNW AMMA Auction
When: Sat, April 1, 2017, 4 - 9pm
Where: Seattle, Greenwood neighborhood
The PNW Amma community auction is the biggest fundraiser we hold of the year! We hope you will plan to attend. All proceeds will go to benefit our future PNW Amma Center. We will still be accepting items for donation up until March 4th.
If you have an item or a service to donate we would love to have it. At the auction there will be a DELICIOUS Indian dinner prepared for you by our very own amazing chefs! Tickets will be available this year on Eventbrite.
The online auction will go live on MARCH 17th!
Thanks for your generous support of this fun and exciting event! We always have a great time together at the auction, hope you can make it and bring a friend too! Contact Visala at for details. Jai Ma!
Winter Retreat News, Slideshow
Retreat Group Photo
Oregon was graced this last month with the convergence of over a hundred PNW devotees all cozying together in the wooden cabins of camp Namanu, deep in the heart of an ancient primeval forest. We were grateful to have Swami Dayamrita hold two riveting question and answer sessions and lead inspiring bhajan sets.
The fact that most of the activities were staged in the large dining room kept people together most of the time, and that facilitated their interaction. Everyone became a channel for the greatest container--Amma's Love--that pervaded every minute.
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Whidbey Satsang - March 12th
Please join us for the upcoming Whidbey Satsang on Sunday, March 12th starting at 4 pm, with a vegetarian potluck to follow. We invite you to arrive any time after 3 pm for a cup of tea and social time.
Whidbey Satsang Location: At Rajani and Ben Thomas’ home on South Whidbey Island, at 3495 Daisy Lane, Clinton, WA 98236. For additional information, please contact Rajani at 360-632-9390; or by e-mail at
PNW GreenFriends Newsletter
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Get the latest details about satsangs in the region and social projects like Mother's Kitchen and Green Friends here.
"What you lack is not knowledge, but awareness."
- Amma

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