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Oregon was graced this last month with the convergence of over a hundred PNW devotees all cozying together in the wooden cabins of camp Namanu, deep in the heart of an ancient primeval forest. We were grateful to have Swami Dayamrita hold two riveting question and answer sessions and lead inspiring bhajan sets.
The fact that most of the activities were staged in the large dining room kept people together most of the time, and that facilitated their interaction. Everyone became a channel for the greatest container--Amma's Love--that pervaded every minute.
Relationships among the crowd seemed to flow easy anyway as we were all blessed by an incredibly delicious series of meals, a schedule that offered opportunities to stay in Satsang or explore the inspiring natural wonders including century old open walled cabins over a roaring sandy river and a variety of paths through the gorgeous nature.
Swami walked with the half dozen teens through the forest spreading Ammas grace through quiet contemplation. And the little children were blessed to be fully engaged in a riotous play about the fall of Indra and the glories of Krishna. The children were expertly guided in a series of classical Indian children's dance moves, and only one child ran screaming to his mother when Indra, lord of rain and ego, pounced on the scene. Cozy, stretchy and fulfilling yoga classes, bhajan classes and mandala making classes were also offered and happily devoured.
The main cabin, which was both the Satsang hall and the dining hall was consistently cool for Kerala standards and technical difficulties did arise. But overall the retreat was a roaring success-- helped by two roaring fires that graced the main hall. Conversations among devotees seemed enthralling and an Amma story sharing circle went late into the night. We got schooled in the amazing endeavors of Amrita University as well as the upcoming plans of our own ashram in the making.
And for us Oregonians it was an incredible satisfaction to see how a small band of never done it befores could come together and pull off such a relatively easy going and hassle free retreat. And for the first time, it feels like Oregon is really a vital part of the greater community. More than anything though it is the grace of our Master, Amma that makes all this possible. For Her love and Her light, we would do anything.
Now that's our feedback. We would love to know yours. If you havenít already, please fill out this three-question survey so we can get the real digs on how people felt about the 2017 winter retreat. How we can make it better for next year.
Thank you for all who came and everyone who is a part of this extremely lucky family.
Oregon Team
Photo Credit - Krishnan, Mechas
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