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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Visualization during Meditation
Question: Swamiji, during meditation we often are asked to visualize things. For example, visualize a light above your eyebrows, or white flowers falling on us etc. If one is unable to visualize, what techniques can be used to make this visualization possible?
Answer: The goal of meditation is to quiet the mind and make it completely calm and thought-less (without thoughts). Right now when we sit for meditation, we cannot truly say that we are involved in deep meditation. Our mind has not reached the thought-less state yet. So, we are trying to remove the unwanted thoughts from our mind and attain concentration or a thought-less state. If you look at how the mind is composed, you will see that it is nothing but a flow of thoughts, one after the other. It is the intrusion of undesired thoughts that disturb us when we sit for meditation. For example, thoughts like, ‘did I turn off the stove?’, ‘what are the children doing?’, ‘what is my husband doing?’, ‘I have to finish that important project’, etc. tend to come up. And from there, your mind gets distracted and by the time you even realize that your mind has drifted away, it would have been half an hour or so. You can just sit there for quite some time thinking that you meditated, whereas really you were engaged in random thoughts.
In order to gather the mind that is wandering away, we need a strong thought. It is just like a strong gust of wind that blows and removes the drifting clouds. Visualization helps us eliminate all the other thoughts and focus on one single thought. That is why mantra chanting, visualization etc. are recommended.
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PNW Winter Retreat Updates
February 18-20, 2017
Camp Namanu
Online Registration is open! Click Here for details and to register.
Dear PNW Devotees,
We’re expecting about 100 people at this year’s Winter Retreat, all snuggled down in the Heart of the Mother. Camp Namanu (Map) rests on the bank of the Sandy River in the Oregon forest, about an hour’s drive east of Portland.
Swamiji will be with us for two full days! He will be holding Satsang, leading bhajans, answering questions and bringing Amma's presence deep into this sacred forest. We’re expecting many families and there will be plenty of Amma-centered play for the kiddos. A camp staffer will guide us on afternoon hikes in the woods, and there will be yoga classes, group chanting, bhajan classes, guided I-AM sessions, devotee music sets & plenty of time to visit with each other or meditate on our own. And, as usual, the vegetarian food will be nutritious and delicious! This will also be an opportunity to discuss the development of the future PNW Ashram, hear about Amma's newest global initiatives as well as strengthening our local and regional satsangs. (A full schedule of events will be available within the week).
But, our registration deadline is rapidly approaching! Online registration will end at Midnight on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. So, please get your registration done NOW! We need an accurate count of attendees in order to purchase supplies and food for all the great meals we have planned.
Check-in begins at 10am on Saturday the 18th, and check-out will be Monday morning by 11am. If there are any devotees who wish to come early and stay Friday night at no extra charge in return for offering extra seva in the parking and preparation departments, please email
If you would like to carpool and need to know who from your region is attending, please email We will soon send a "What to Bring List" to everyone who has registered. It will include everything you would need for winter camping with your Amma family in a heated cabin on bunk beds deep in the Oregon forest.
So please consider joining us for this opportunity to unite, focus, and serve, and give thanks for the presence of our beloved Mother. We hope to see you there!
Portland Satsang
Program Guide
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Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya in Seattle - Feb 17
We are blessed to announce that Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya is coming to the Seattle area on Friday, Feb 17th. Swamiji will be conducting Satsang, bhajans and meditation in the evening. The location and timing information are TBD.
108 Days of Change Round-Up
Namaste Friends,
It is time to bring your coins for the "108 DAYS OF CHANGE" to the winter retreat in Oregon! Thanks to everyone who participated. You are super appreciated! If you forgot to save coins, checks, and cash will be accepted as well!
See you in Oregon!
Your Maltby Property Fundraisers.
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