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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Minimum Daily Spiritual Practice
Swamiji, as an Amma devotee, what is the minimum daily spiritual practice that I should be doing irrespective of how busy I am during the day?
If you observe Amma, it is amazing to see how She utilizes and manages Her time. Amma can do many things at one time. While She is sitting - She is giving darshan to somebody, She is answering the question of a person who is standing next to Her, She notices the person who is giving Prasad making a mistake, She is also simultaneously acutely aware of the person singing in front of her missing a beat and so on. Amma has such acute perception. Of course, we donít have that kind of awareness like Amma, but it is the goal. How She utilizes time wisely is truly amazing. Within the 24 hours given to us in a day, which is given to Amma also (Amma does not have 48 hours in Her day), you can see how much She achieves within 12 to 16 hours. And when we look at how much we achieve during our wakeful state, we wonder how Amma can achieve so many things.
First of all, what Amma is teaching us is the wise utilization of time. If I tell you that when you get up in the morning you have to chant mantras so many times, do this practice, that practice -- some days it will work and some days it will not. Sometimes you may have to rush and sometimes, when you have moments of relaxation, you can do a lot of mantra japa and other spiritual practices.
So, I cannot exactly tell you what to do and what not to do. It is up to each person to determine according to their availability and time but one thing I say is Ė If we do even a little bit of spiritual practice in the morning, it will allow us to gain so much more time later on during the day. If we meditate for even 10 - 15 minutes in the morning, then during the day our mind will be clear and we can make good and fast decisions that will allow us to gain more time. It also brings an awareness within us about how much time we are wasting unnecessarily.
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PNW Winter Retreat in Oregon
February 18-20, 2017
Camp Namanu
Join together in Satsang during the depth of winter with Swami Dayamrita and Amma's Northwest children in the beautiful forests of Oregon. Deepen your connection with Amma, uplift and enlighten the winter doldrums by serving, praying and playing alongside your brothers and sisters of Cascadia.
Two days of programs with Swamiji including evening satsang and bhajans and questions and answers alongside devotee led meditation classes, story time, children's program, nature walks, community connection, bhajan classes, IAM meditation refresher, healing sessions, Amrita Yoga and more.
Cabins are rustic, nature is stunning.
The retreat starts at noon on Saturday, Feb 18 and ends by 2pm on Monday, Feb 20.
Registration info coming Soon!
April Fools For Love
Please Save the Date!
Namaste! Our 21st Annual PNW Amma Auction will be Saturday April 1st, in North Seattle (same location as in the past). Please let Visala know if you can serve on the auction committee. We had a huge success last year with our first ever live auction!
Please keep your eyes and ears open for some AWESOME items for this year's live auction. ( For example.....Getaway accommodations, plane tickets, Seahawks gear.....) Start thinking of who you can bring as your special guest. Let's plan to "Sell Out" of tickets this year! This is our biggest Fundraiser of the year for the Maltby property!
If you live in the outlying Satsangs, there are many ways to participate such as: you can make a dessert for the night of the auction, attend the auction and donate items and services. I know many of you have done this for years and years so please help mentor any new members.

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