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Q&A with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Preparing for Darshan
Swamiji, Amma will be with us shortly in November and many of us will be attending Her programs. What should our attitude be around Amma to be able to fully receive Her blessings? Should we prepare ourselves mentally through Sadhana, ahead of time?
When we go to see a master, we have to have an open mind. Open mind means a mind that does not have any negativities or preconceived notions. We cannot go to a mahatma with certain ideas, for example, “I want this, I want that” or “When I go to Amma, Amma is going to fulfill this or take away my problems.”
We can categorize people who go to Amma into two categories - One category wants something -- they want a house or a good wife/husband or children or a good boss. And the other category don’t want something – they don’t like their job or their boss or their wife or husband and they don’t like the situation they are in and they want to get out of that.
When we go with all these preconceived notions and desires, of course, Amma’s blessings will be with us, but we cannot get the full fruit of our darshan with Amma. Going with an open mind means a mind that is absolutely blank and not expecting anything. A mind that is completely calm and subdued and with no thoughts. So, how do we reach there is the question.
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Amma's U.S. Tour, November 2016
East Coast Programs, Nov 20 - 23, Detroit, MI
November 20th: Morning (10am) and Evening (7:30 pm) Public Programs
November 21st - 23rd: East Coast Retreat
November 23rd: Evening (7 pm) Public Program

West Coast Programs, Nov 25 - 29, San Jose, CA
November 25th: All day (starting at 11am) Public Program
November 26th: Morning (10am) and evening (7:30 pm) Public Programs
November 27th - 29th: West Coast Retreat
November 29th: Evening (7 pm) Public Program
Please check for details.
Holiday Bazaar
The annual Holiday Bazaar will be held on December 3rd and 4th from 1-5 pm at the Seattle Holistic Center. If you are a crafter, artist, jewelry maker, or baker...... Please start creating! We would love to have any and everyone contribute to this fun event! We are looking for volunteer healers who would be willing to offer a service or two on either Saturday or Sunday. If you are available to offer a service, please let us know your preferred time and day. We will book the clients for you.
Let's let the creativity flow and with Amma's Grace make this an amazing event! If we all work together it will be awesome. Contact Visala at for more info.
Aum Ma
Gopika, Satyavati, and Visala
IAM-35© Course, Seattle, Nov 12 - 13
When: Saturday 1:00pm - 6:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm.
Where: Interfaith Community Sanctuary, 1763 NW 62nd St (Ballard) (Map)
Contact: Kumuda: at to Register.
You must attend BOTH days to complete the 2-Day Course.
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108 Days of Change!
On Amma's Birthday we kicked of the 108 "Day's of Change" campaign. This lasts from Amma's Birthday to the Annual PNW regional winter retreat. Please collect your coins to help raise money for the new Maltby Property.
Contact Visala at for questions regarding this project.
Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya's Seattle Visit
Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
October blessed us in the Pacific Northwest with a last-minute visit from Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya. Swamiiji’s arrival on Sunday the 16th was to coincide with a highly anticipated storm with "near hurricane-caliber winds and rain". With the full blown news coverage advising everyone stay put, we were quite uncertain if we could even have satsang with Swamiji. With Amma’s grace, the storm bypassed the Seattle area, leaving us with some breaks of sunshine on the day of Swamiji’s arrival, making for perfect satsang weather! Jai Ma!
Swamiji conducted satsangs for three successive days, and each satsang had its own special and unique energy. For those who were not able to physically make it to satsang, there was the opportunity to watch a live stream video each day. On Sunday, Swamiji held a Question and Answer session where he enlightened us on the significance of having Amma in our lives and how She takes care of all of us. Swamiji also stressed the importance of forgiveness, for both ourselves and others. On Monday, Swamiji conducted a puja and satsang at a devotee’s house, and energized the atmosphere with heart-filled devotional singing. Our gracious hosts provided a wonderful dinner for all to enjoy after satsang. Swamiji’s third and last satsang included chanting of the 1,000 Names of the Divine Mother to help purify our inner beings and outer surroundings.
After three wonderful, blissful days and three unique satsangs with Swamiji, like all good things, it came to an end. We are very grateful to have had Swamiji’s visit, and we all eagerly hope that he will come back soon for another visit.
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"You wish to serve God? Then, serve others selflessly."
- Amma

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