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August 15, 2016 Newsletter - Read More!

Maltby Property Update

Maltby Property (the future MA Center PNW) Update

This is the first of what will be regular updates about the Maltby Property (the future MA Center PNW). If you havenít heard, the 13 acre property was purchased in July of 2015 and is located just north of Woodinville, about 45 minutes from Seattle.
In early June this year, Amma arrived from India and spent her first day and evening in the three bedroom house on the property, along with the Swamis and her attendants. The next morning prior to going to the first public program in Everett, Amma performed a Puja at the altar in the house, further imbuing the property with Her Divine energy.
We are now moving forward with the permitting process before we hold any programs there. The process for preparing and applying for what is known as a Conditional Use Permit is extensive and requires a number of studies to be done by various consultants. Once all required documents are prepared and submitted to the various departments of the Snohomish County Planning Office, it will take approximately eight months for the County to complete their review process.
To date, the property has had a topographic survey, a wetlands report, a fire-flow analysis, a geo tech analysis and a septic feasibility study completed. We recently contracted with a Civil Engineer to design the widening of the road (currently just a driveway), addition of parking stalls and creation of a storm water management plan. We have also contracted with an architect to design modifications to the house to add three additional bedrooms.
The final site plan has yet to be completed pending the septic, civil engineering and fire engineering designs as well as completion of a design for a new assembly/multi-use hall and commercial kitchen. Currently there are five residents living in the house, deepening their spiritual practices and engaging in seva on the property.
We are all so Blessed to be guided by Amma and to be moving toward a regional spiritual center that can serve everyone in the Pacific Northwest.
In Ammaís Service,
Bob Freer
To schedule a visit or short stay at the property, please contact Yasas by email at
If you would like to contribute time or expertise in the planning or maintenance of the property, please contact Bob at


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