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Guru Purnima Celebrations

The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad (July-August) is observed as the auspicious day of Guru Purnima. On this day devotees remember and express their gratitude to the Guru.
From Amma's 2013 Guru Purnima Message:
“One may ask, “The scriptures say that God is within us and not different from our true nature. Then why should we seek refuge in a Satguru?” It is true that God is within us. We are, in truth, the embodiment of Sachidananda—pure existence, pure consciousness, pure bliss. But have we experienced this truth? No, it is being veiled by our ego. We hold the key to the massive treasure chest within us, but that key has become rusty due to a long period of lack of use. Just as we remove rust from a regularly key by applying grease, so too we have to remove the rust of our ahamkara and vasanas—our sense of “I” as a limited body and mind and our deep-rooted tendencies. This will help us realize our true nature. It is for this purpose that we seek refuge in a Satguru.
This physical body of ours is nothing but a bundle of meat wrapped up in skin. It has nine doors. And we think “This body alone is me.” Moreover, we continually nourish this misidentification. The ego wants to make us feel superior to others and wants others to show us respect.Everything is God’s creation—except the ego. That is our creation. We have to find a way out of this creation of ours. A wave or a bubble in the ocean is, in reality, not different or separate from the ocean. But what if the bubble clings to the idea that it is just a bubble, not the ocean?In a similar way, we need to remember: “I am not just this bubble of body, mind and ego. I am the ocean itself.” This remembrance can be achieved only through engaging in continuous spiritual practices.
When we bow down to a Satguru, we become free from the ego.The truth of our True Self gets revealed. We experience that we are not different from God. God is our true nature. Everything else can be attained by self-effort, but the only way to be freed from the ego is through humility and surrender. The seed and the tree are not different from each other. The whole tree is contained in the seed. But unless the seed goes under the soil and germinates, it will never become a tree. Similarly, when the spirit of surrender dawns in a disciple, freedom from the ego takes place naturally. Continue Reading Here.
Join the Guru Purnima celebrations at Redmond, WA on Monday, July 18th at 7pm. Please call 828-738-2662 or email for details. For Guru Purnima celebrations near your area, please check the local Satsang pages.

Wah Benefit Concert in Seattle

Wah concert
Please join us August 12th for a evening of fellowship and healing with Wah! Wah! has been making music for the yoga world for 25 years and has published books on yoga and healing. She is offering this evening as a benefit for Amma's charities.
Tickets available through

For further information about Wah! and the healing concert see here. For more information about local Amma community work, contact MA Center PNW at (828) 738-2662.

Satsangs & Social Projects

Get the latest details about satsangs in the region and social projects like Mother's Kitchen and Green Friends here.

"Detached, selfless action leads to liberation."
- Amma

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