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Amma's 2016 North American Summer Tour

Amma's arms are open to everyone.
Most people come to experience her embrace, her unique way of spreading comfort to the world. Some are drawn to her charitable works. Or to learn more from one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time. However they come, most end up being moved & one of the world's most accessible humanitarian leaders.
Amma will be holding programs in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto. Please visit to learn more.

Gratitude For A Blessed Weekend!

Gratitude What a Blessed Weekend It Was!
Our Maltby property has been blessed by the Guru! Arriving early to serve a Prasad Breakfast, Amma admired our beautiful trees, asking what kind they were. Gazing upwards, then back to the group seated on the lawn, Amma chuckled and told us that we were all little birds in her nest, looking to Her for sustenance. Amma then went into the house where She rested and spent the night! This was the beginning of a sweet 2 days of programs.
Many hands make light work, and the PNW Tour Team is so grateful to all of you who worked tirelessly through long hours to set up and take down the venue, work at information tables, provide transportation to tour staff, support composting and recycling, Amma shop security, darshan line, post darshan seating, flowers, children’s room, drinking water, dish washing, veggie chopping, serving food and greeting people coming to Amma’s Pacific Northwest programs. Some of you have known Amma for over 30 years, while others who offered seva (selfless service), had not yet received Her darshan (hug blessing). It is a joy to serve Amma with others who feel called to give of their time and energy.
We hope you will feel inspired to volunteer for the many local Amma supported seva programs in your communities. If you would like more information about where the closest Satsang (Amma based spiritual community) is to you, please visit satsangs in the region.
Deep Gratitude to Amma for gracing us with Her presence in the Pacific Northwest. We are blessed indeed!
Jai Ma!
PNW Tour Team

Lost and Found


Each year during Amma's visit some people are so "blissed out" that they leave things behind in the program hall. In an effort to connect the articles left behind with their owners, we present the lost items on the read more page. If you are the rightful owner of one these items, or know who may be, please contact Brad at
Read More Lost Items>>>

Seva Party at Maltby

Seva party at the Maltby property, mostly gardening and outdoor work, Sunday June 19th, 10am - 4pm. Come and enjoy! Feel free to bring your own snack or enough to share with others.
The Maltby property is located at 22404 134th Ave SE, Snohomish, WA 98296. Any questions please contact Yasas at

Satsangs & Social Projects

Get the latest details about satsangs in the region and social projects like Mother's Kitchen and Green Friends here.

"When we love one another without any expectation,
there is no need to go anywhere else in search of heaven."
- Amma

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