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Future MA Center Residency

Maltby Residency
Applications are now available for residency at the future MA Center - PNW property. Those accepted to the program will be able to move in as soon as March 1st. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Yasas at for more information.
"An Ashram is not a mere cluster of inanimate buildings, temples, trees and residences; rather it is the very embodiment of the Spiritual Master's Grace. It is a vital, dynamic and living institution which stimulates the aspiration of the sincere student to attain the State of Oneness.
The spiritual practice, service, prayers and pure thoughts and actions of the visitors and residents combine with the Grace of the Guru to make the Ashram a holy, sacred place."
- Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

PNW Winter Retreat Feb 6 - 8

Loon Lake is located at 14500 Silver Valley Road, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2R3 and the phone number is (604) 463-8149.

Future MA Center Permaculture Survey

Amma's Future MA Center in Maltby wants to hear from YOU. Amma has blessed us to use permaculture on the Maltby property. In permaculture we strive to minimize labor by looking at ways to work with nature rather than against nature. We follow the permaculture principles to help us make conscious decisions about placement, elements, and sustainability. The ultimate goal is to replenish the land with lush vegetation, healthy soils, water, and wildlife, while at the same time growing healthy organic food both for personal use and to share with others.
Before a design can be developed we need input from all members who will be involved in the development of the property. Once this information is collected it is easier to create a sustainable design that works within the parameters of the people needs and the assessment of the property. Otherwise we are using our valuable resources of time and energy to put together a design based on our personal evaluations and (most likely) will need to revise the design. Gathering as much information before a design is developed is vital to the success of the project

Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. Thank You!

PNW GreenFriends Newsletter

Read the February 2016 GreenFriends newsletter here. GreenFriends
Read the back issues here

Program Guide 2016

Help support Amma's tour to the Pacific Northwest in Summer 2016
It is our immense great fortune to have met and received blessings from Amma personally. We know how our lives have become more meaningful and fulfilling. Amma will be here again to soothe thousands of suffering souls with her loving embrace. In order to support Amma's programs in our area, it would be wonderful for the whole Pacific Northwest Amma Community to get involved with tour fundraising through Program Guide!
Thank You to All who have contributed to a Program Guide Ad this year and to those of you involved in this Fundraising Seva.
We have not met our goals yet, your continued support is critical in the coming month.
If you wish to place an ad, make a donation, help get new businesses to place an ad, or want to offer your enthusiasm and support please contact Jyoti at
In Amma’s Loving Service,
Pacific Northwest Program Guide Team

Seattle Mother's Kitchen

Mother's Kitchen
The enthusiastic mother's kitchen team early on a Sunday making breakfast for the homeless in Seattle.
Every 2nd Sunday from 9:30-12:00 Amma's Devotees look forward to serving the poor of Seattle! We meet at the Lutheran Compass Center at 9:30 am. The Compass Center, which is a shelter for homeless men is located in downtown Seattle.
We begin with a prayer for peace. We try to send love to all the people who are struggling. Then we cook breakfast to the glorious angelic sound of Mother's Bhajans. We cook for the 50-75 men that live in the shelter, but we also cook for the men and women living outside.
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Amritapuri Christmas Play DVD

Christmas Play
This year, you will be able to purchase the 2015 Amritapuri Christmas play DVD. The production was called, “Blessed Art Thou,” and is in the tradition of a Broadway musical, meaning there is lots of singing and dancing. Proceeds of the DVD sale will go to the future MA Center- PNW in Maltby.
Below are soundtracks for two of the songs.....
The cost of the DVD will be $10 U.S. ($14 CAN) plus shipping. To avoid shipping charges, you can pick up copies at Redmond satsang or at the PNW Retreat in Canada. Please contact Karuna if you want to purchase a copy.
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Satsang Events

Read about all the satsang events happening throughout the PNW region.
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Satsangs & Social Projects

Get the latest details about satsangs in the region and social projects like Mother's Kitchen and Green Friends here.

"The smile that blossoms on our lips is God’s signature on our face.
We should not permit sorrow or anger to wipe it off."
- Amma

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