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IAM Ashram Life at Amritapuri
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Amma U.S. Tour Nov 2015

Amma's Nov US Tour

San Ramon, California

November 14th and 15th: Public Programs
November 16th-18th: Retreat

Detroit, Michigan

November 20th evening: Tentative Public program
November 21st: All day Public Program
November 22nd - 24th: Michigan Retreat.
Please visit for more information.

Future MA Center Survey

Amma's Future MA Center in Maltby wants to hear from YOU about how you plan to visit and stay at this new Center. Please take 5 minutes to complete this anonymous survey before October 23rd. These survey results will be presented to Amma in conjunction with several other site plan details to ensure we are executing Her wishes to the best of our ability. No personal information will be requested of you in this survey.

Thank You!

Take the Survey
Take the Survey!

Neskowin Satsang Nov 7 - 8

Dear Amma Devotees,
The last two weekends we shared amazing Amma Gatherings here at the cabin. Thank you all for participating and sharing your Amma stories, love and devotion. Amma is coming soon and then we are leaving for India for three months, Dec 1st through March 1st. Our last scheduled Satsang will only be an overnight one here on Saturday November 7th. Amma will be in San Ramon the following weekend so we have decided to shorten this Satsang to help in preparing for the Amma tour and our travels. Hope to see many of you here. Mark your Calendars...Jai Ma
Please email, call or text. Let us know if you will be staying inside or camping...Either way Bring Sleeping Bags & pillows, bring food to share for all the meals... carpool if you can...
Shuba and Chidambaran

When:   Sat Nov 7, 1pm – Nov 8 Noon
Where:   7980 Slab Creek Road, Neskowin, Oregon 97149 (Map)
Contact:   Shuba and Chidambaran at
or 503-392-3037, 503-801-4019


IAM in Seattle Nov 14 - 15

Amma's Nov US Tour

The IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is a powerful tool for our personal and spiritual growth. Amma has said that this meditation acts on a very subtle level--eradicating all our negative tendencies, slowly but surely, and gives obvious practical results very fast. She has assured us that if we practice IAM regularly we will see all aspects of our lives improve. There is no time like NOW to learn the IAM Technique! This Fall in the Seattle area we are offering a two day class in the Original IAM version (now called IAM-35). Please notify your friends and acquaintances who might like to attend.

2-Day IAM-35 Course – Seattle Nov 14 - 15

The IAM-35 Course is offered for those who are interested in learning a deeper spiritual practice. This is the IAM Course that has been offered at Amma’s retreats for the past 10 years. The Course includes Amma’s spiritual teachings on meditation and practical guidance for a worry-free life. You will learn a 35 minute practice integrating several modalities focusing on movement, breath, sound and light. There is no charge for learning the IAM-35 Technique, however there will be a small donation requested to cover the costs of the facility, snacks and class materials. Typically, the amount is $15 - $20.

You must attend BOTH days to complete the 2-Day Course.

When:   Saturday Nov 14 - 15
Where:   Seattle Holistic Center, 7700 Aurora Ave N, Seattle (Map)
To Register Contact:   Kumuda at

IAM-35 Refresher Course – Seattle Nov 15

If you have already taken the IAM-35 Course you are eligible to attend the IAM-35 Refresher Course. If you have gotten irregular with your IAM practice or just want to strengthen it, then the Refresher Course is for you! At the Refresher you can ask questions, clarify and deepen your understanding of the technique, and be guided through the steps of practice. Many who have attended Refresher Courses have found that they gained a great intellectual and experiential boost to their IAM practice. You are also welcome to attend any or all of the IAM-35 class.

When:   Sunday Nov 15 1:00 – 3pm
Where:   Seattle Holistic Center, 7700 Aurora Ave N, Seattle (Map)
To Register Contact:   Kumuda at


Ashram Life at Amritapuri

By Vandya Huntting from the Olympic Peninsula Satsang

Ashram Life
“The ashram is not a mere cluster of inanimate buildings, temples, trees and residences; rather it is the very embodiment of the Spiritual Master’s Grace. It is a vital, dynamic and living institution, which stimulates the aspiration of the sincere student to attain oneness. The spiritual practice, service, prayers, and pure thoughts and actions of the visitors and residents combine with the Grace of the Master to make the ashram a holy, sacred place.” - Amma
My husband and I have been living in Amritapuri, Amma’s main ashram in India the past two months. The ashram has grown around the home in which Amma was born and grew up and is now a vibrant village sometimes home to more people than Port Townsend, the place I live in the U.S.
Just the sensory experience of Amritapuri is expansive – the view from the roof of the Amrita Darshan building from the backwaters to the Indian Ocean, the vast variety of food available when Amma is here and the limited choices when she is gone, the challenge of hand washing white clothes in rusty water and drying them in monsoons, meditating on the beach at sunset with Amma, the sounds of languages from around the world, the smell of jasmine and rotting food, women in gloriously colored saris, giant spiders hiding in dark corners, geckos on the walls.
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PNW Winter Retreat Feb 2016

Winter Retreat

Holiday Bazaar

A couple of us have just begun planning the annual Holiday Bazaar! If you are a crafter, artist or baker...... Please start creating! We would love to have any and everyone contribute to this fun event! Please let me know if you want to join the planning team, we need you! All proceeds will go to pay for our beautiful new MA Center PNW. Timeline is looking like Black Friday weekend.
Aum Ma Ma Ma
Chetana, Satyavati, and Visala

With Joy, Gratitude - Match Update

Birthday Match
Namaste PNW Amma Satsang, We have now raised $4772. Towards our current match donation, "Amma's Birthday match". The match was for $8000. We can still match $3228. Congratulations Team Amma! Jai Ma!
Please mail donations to:
Visala Hohlbein
8201 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
Checks should be made out to MA Center.

Satsangs & Social Projects

Get the latest details about satsangs in the region and social projects like Mother’s Kitchen and Green Friends here.


"Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness that is found in everyone." - Amma


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